How To Clean Out Path of Exile Cache

The majority of us possibly under no circumstances give it a second of believed that running Windows and playing PoE causes temp files to become created and in no way deleted. So once a month you’ll want to delete all the temp files. In Windows it is super uncomplicated, just set up the CCleaner( utility and run it (bear in mind to uncheck your browser World-wide-web History on each and every browser in case you do not choose to lose the auto fill as you sort around the address line). For Path of Exile, it calls for manual temp file deletion but you will discover only three folders so it’s simple.


Visit your …\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile folder and in there the 3 folders that you just go into and delete all files are DailyDealCache, Minimap, and MOTDCache.

By way of example my Minimap folder had 1152 temp files that I permanently deleted by clicking on 1 in the files, then press CtrlA to choose all files, and finally press ShiftDel to obtain the prompt which has “… permanently delete these xxx files?”. This is quite straightforward to perform and it may assist enhance PoE functionality and CCleaner improves Window’s overall performance by eliminating OS along with other system temp files.

This can be effectively worth a couple minutes of time to do this just about every month and let you Path of Exile Run POE performance Ideal.

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