Path of Exile 3.3 Builds For Top Best Barrage Gems

Barrage is actually a ranged attack skill that fires your bow or wand repeatedly. After a short preparation time, you frequently attack with a ranged weapon. These attacks have a compact randomized spread. Only operates with Bows and Wands. In this Post, U4gm Will share Path of Exile 3.3 Builds For Top Best Barrage Gems for Slayer, Berserker, Raider, Pathfinder.


[Duelist – Slayer] Railway Bow – Slayer Edition – Shaper/U Atziri/U Lab

Fantastic stuff, entertaining to be capable towards the Facetank triple uncommon abyss. Only as much as t9 maps right now but I am drooling at the thought of when I get TOH+Dying Sun+Belly for Tankiness. It’s SO sweet to be able to obtain “auto” endurance charges with a bow build too.

Just checked with PoB, on standard mobs Oskar grants around 30% a lot more crit, on Shaper/Guardians it’s 4%~ much more. So yea, rare Gripped gloves with life, flat Phys, attack speed, res/stats is usually an improved selection.

Elder and his Guardians (Yellow maps, initial attempt)

Deathless Shaper

My 1st ever Uber Atziri run and kill

PoB Link:

Skill Tree:

Build Link:

[Marauder – Berserker] Berserker Barrage 5M DPS -ALL CONTENT VIABLE

This Build beautiful Berserker + Barrage = BarBarrage build. We use 3x Volley Fire Jewels to clear maps with Barrage skill only. Enough talking let’s get into business!

+ Fast Clear
+ High Single target damage.
+ Excellent enough mitigation vs. elemental reflect mobs(45% reduced reflected damage taken).
+ Any content is viable.

– Not budget friendly.
– Cannot run maps with no leech mod.

Maze of the Minotaur

Pit of the Chimera

PoB Link:

Build Link:

[Ranger – Raider] Ashland/Lioneye 7 Link Raider – 3.3 – Everything Killed in Abyss

This Build is a Hybrid Elemental conversion / Crit build meaning we have about ~60% crit. Some builds skip crit altogether, others go full crit. This build picks the best Ele Dmg, Crit and Life nodes creating a hybrid.
This build has excellent map clear with TS and colossal barrage DPS with seven link – amazing at killing bosses. You can shoot all the content in PoE very, very fast without spending a lot. This build has about ~ 5k hp and relies on manual skills when dodging boss one-shots. Having ~50% attack dodge chance and 40% for spell dodge chance helps plenty (75% with Vaal grace).

Most people don’t even consider it as a choice because of sheep mentality. In their world, only two unique chests exist for a bow/Phys conversion build Kaom, Belly of the Beast and maybe Yriel Fostering (not sure why, in my opinion, it doesn’t have a lot to offer, and the minion is super weak without using minion gems on it). Somehow a chest that gives flat +34% elemental damage that is multiplied by all your elemental buffs is considered not fantastic enough. Hopefully, this build and the insane DPS/budget ratio that it has proves it otherwise.

Killing every single boss in 3.3 Abyss

10th December, 3.3 T13 maps clear

PoB Link:

Skill Tree:

[Ranger – Pathfinder] That Doomfletch Life – 3.3 VIDEO GUIDE UP! Tree/PoB – All Content

This build guide made in the standard. But you can do league-based/cheaper iterations and still achieve high damage.

It is funny, and I have a love/hate relationship with Pathfinder. The most enjoyable parts of the game to me these days is theory-crafting, PVP, and item-crafting. I know many people have zero interest in PVP, but it had so much potential, and I learned more in 6 months of PVP than I did in four years playing PVE.

With the introduction of Ascendancy, most notably the Pathfinder, PVP was shredded entirely and has no hope of ever really being balanced anymore. So I like showing how OP Pathfinder is, even following the 3.0 “nerf” (what a joke lol). Pathfinder by far is the Tankiest offensive character in the game. Is it possible to deal much more damage with other builds? Sure! But you’ll die quite often. Pathfinder allows you to invest very little in defenses while dealing with “Tier 1” damage. I have made builds with every class except Scion (going to do that one in 3.0 for sure though), and Pathfinder is the easiest to shape into what you want.

Inquisitor, you MIGHT have the ability to squeeze a little a lot more damage, but you’ll be a full-on glass cannon. You’ll need flasks to compensate for not having status immunity, especially in hardcore. Which of the bottles would you get rid of? The anti bleed diamond? The Wise oak? The Dying Sun? The ToH? The Quicksilver? They’re locked in man…

With Inquisitor, your flasks will be down much more than they are up. With Pathfinder, they are pretty much always up. Thus meaning we get more res, much more max res, extra survivability, and extra consistent damage while investing very little in defenses.

PoB Link:

Skill Tree:

Build Link:

Generally, they may be not worth the difficulty for causes which can be adequate inside the extended run. While they are beneficial for players who may possibly know nothing at all in regards to the game. For essentially the most part, they’re mastering tools for newbies to ease them into the game. For more Path of Exile 3.3 Builds For Top Best Barrage Gems, it is possible to go to Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code for free from the reps when you Invest in Poe Currency order from this article.


POE 3.3 Builds With Cremation Gem Skill In Incursion League

Poe Cremation is A targeted corpse explodes, dealing region harm and turning into a volcanic geyser, that will repeatedly unleash projectiles sequentially over the surrounding region for a duration. The explosion on the corpse will not be impacted by modifiers to spell damage, and cannot be reflected. In this Post, U4GM Will share POE 3.3 Builds With Cremation Gem Skill In Incursion League for you personally.


[Duelist] COMK IS BACK! Sundering Volcanos! OP / Low-cost / Exciting!

With 39% A lot more Spell Damage it really is pretty much any other support gem you would normally choose, and with 0.25 sec cooldown it is going to normally proc ( As opposed to Cast on Crit’s 0.five sec… ) Enemies within the middle of one’s Sunder will get hit by several overlapped sunder explosions so no less than 1 will die.
Cast on Crit does not work with Cremation; you’ll spawn new volcanos ahead of they poop out any balls.

+ Special!
+ Cheap!
+ HC Viable
+ Super Tanky
+ Quickly Clearspeed
+ Wonderful for Abyss spawns
+ Insanely speedy and smooth leveling applying Molten Strike + Ancestral Call
+ Fantastic celebration build ( 20% Culling = Nice )
+ Just about each ascendancy is viable

– Cast on Melee kill features a incredibly quite undesirable reputation.
– God Complicated
– Monsters with out corpses
– Endgame build cost

Chayula Rift:

Example Link:

[Marauder] Meatball Mage a Spending budget, Beginner-Friendly Volatile Dead/Cremation Berserker for All Content material

This can be a guide for any comparatively fundamental Volatile Dead build with a ideal mix of damage and tank as well as the ability to do pretty much any content material. Berserker is used to granting whole life and mana leech to fuel Thoughts over Matter, also as a great chunk of damage.

Finest technique to get an idea in the playstyle would be to watch the video under. On the other hand, a couple of ideas from my encounter together with the build so far:
Drop your corpses under mobs if doable! The corpse explosion damage is extremely important, and may normally one-shot packs should you stack adequate elemental harm.
Attempt to chain Videos any time you can, but don’t worry too a great deal about it. It may frequently be quicker to Desecrate under a pack and blow them up than wait for the Videos out of your final package to hit them.
In breaches, abysses and related circumstances you could typically forget about Desecrate and just spam VD. It really is glorious.
Spell Cascade repeats within a line out from you. If you’d like to cluster Cremations on top of each other, cast Cremation at a 90?? angle to your Desecrate and they’re going to stack up nicely.
Never neglect that Cremation is there to proc Elemental Overload too as deal harm. It is critical to keep it operating although performing bosses.
Cremation is just not just for bosses! It really is fantastic for abysses, as well as for packs in very confined spaces any time you know they won’t move much.
You benefit hugely from having the setup time. Cremations final 8 seconds and VD balls possibly five. Whenever you are able to (e.g., strongboxes, phased bosses, bosses using a little angry variety), try to possess your Cremations operating and a few VD balls waiting just before you begin the fight. Verify out the video below to view this applied to significant impact against Dominus’ second phase.
You have to cast two spells to deal damage against a fresh pack, and your stun immunity is only if you have killed not too long ago. Be cautious about wading into boxes and finding unlocked.

+ uncomplicated to play. No really need to cautiously handle buffs or flasks, positioning is just a matter of maintaining your distance, and also you barely must aim your skills. Also really forgiving on account of having the ability to face tank most content.
+ Fantastic damage. DPS is strict to estimate due to the mechanics of the skills, but you can get north of 200k Shaper DPS with no too significantly effort and push past 500k with a bit far more spending. Boss DPS numbers are very comparable to squishier, harder to play crit versions.
+ Excellent AoE coverage. Volatile Dead residences in on enemies from more than a screen away. You will never miss stragglers.
+ Tanky. Over 8k EHP, and you happen to be always leech capped on both life and mana (even against single targets) as a consequence of hitting pretty regularly. Facetanks a lot of the game in case you so need, like most bosses up to T15. Can survive all guardian skills except for Phoenix Discharge.
+ Can do just about all content material. Need to stay away from Elemental reflect and no-leech maps, and slower recovery is usually annoying for really hard bosses. Have personally done Atziri, all Guardians, Elder, Vaal Temple, etc. with ease. Really should be exceptional for Shaper (but I suck at Shaper so can’t confirm). Would not advocate for Uber Atziri as a result of Volatile Dead’s target splitting mechanics creating split phase awkward.
+ Quick to gear. No uniques essential or perhaps strongly advised, totally SSF viable, can do nicely on a price range.
+ This could be a pro or possibly a con based on your opinion but plays differently to most builds in that you just do not just hold down one button.


– Evident speed is okay but not fantastic. Need to use two skills to kill a pack in most circumstances. Somewhat created up for by having lengthy range homing missiles in search of out packages that you just are not focusing on, but apparently not a top-tier clear speed build.
– This can be a pro or even a con based on your opinion but plays differently to most builds in which you never just hold down a single button.
– Can’t-do Elemental reflect and no-leech maps.
– Can’t-do Uber Atziri, in addition to a poor choice for Uber Lab farming as you are going to pretty much constantly accidentally destroy Lazaro’s helpers and drop keys.
– Can’t use Volatile Dead for early leveling as other variants can. Must wait until level 40+.

Video Link:
T14 Palace Run –

Example Link:


[Ranger] Smoothly cast Volatile Dead! Speedy clear speed! Now with Uber Lab video!

Do you wish to play Volatile Dead, but hate the concept of having to cast Desecrate or Unearth initial? Want a fast-clearing character that can get through bosses too? And no six-link expected?
If this sounds fantastic, try out my build! It’s 3.3-tested up to map tier 16 and level 93. I will be updating my build as I progress via the league, it’s nevertheless slightly rough around the edges, but I don’t think I’m far off.
This is a softcore-only build. I usually do not propose it for hardcore. Also, due to the amount of travel nodes at the starting with the tree, you’ll need to level as freezing pulse or yet another leveling skill prior to switching more than to Volatile Dead at about Act 3. You can use Poet’s Pen, a great build exceptional, at level 12, so if that is not your initial character, you may use them although leveling to substantial impact.

Attack with Frenzy to trigger Unearth and Volatile Dead. The initial attack may perhaps only possess a few Volatiles spawn, but after that it’s smooth. You will also produce Frenzy and Power charges though attacking, as well as your Frenzy attacks may have Culling Strike.
For those who are usually not making use of Kaom’s Heart, use the following set-up at the same time: For bosses and really hard mobs, I’ve a Spell Totem with an Unearth setup on it. This really is to make a lot more corpses considering that Volatile Dead gobbles them all up. I then cast Cremation 3 occasions near the boss, and after that spam Volatile Dead until the Cremation instances out. I then recast the Spell Totem and Cremation, beginning the approach once more.

+ Speedy clearing
+ Smoother skill spam than self-cast Desecrate
+ Tanky
+ Makes use of Pathfinder ascendancy: movement speed, bonus flask charges, Elemental harm penetration
+ Kills bosses Fast!

– Requires you to make use of far more than 1 skill in boss fights
– Demands great flask management
– Gearing could possibly be as well high priced
– Leveling is slower than other builds without the need of celebration play or investment in leveling uniques.

Final Izaro fight:

Instance Link:

[Scion] Cremation Build LL Build Occ Deadeye

Expected Special – Sire of Shards Serpentine Employees that is to offer the extra projectile damage and the five additional projectiles and not sacrificing harm of GMP

Skill Gems:
Unearth + GMP + More rapidly Casting
Cremation + Spell Echo + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Concentrate + Concentrated Impact + Fire Penetration

In order of importance
Lightning Warp + Less Duration + More rapidly Casting – my movement skill
Decoy Totem – utilized to keep boss stationery to have the volcano shotgun the bosses
Summon Stone Golem + Minion Life – employed to tank
Discipline + Blood Magic – for low life utilised to discipline and blasphemy when CI
Blasphemy + Flammability + Clarity + Haste – additional auras haste isn’t as important much more of a QoL with some harm improve.
The idea is always to produce corpses with Unearth and GMP then use cremation for all harm.
For bosses drop a decoy totem and develop the 3 volcanos under the bosses shotguns them die quickly.

Example Hyperlink:

[Shadow] Poet Shakespear’s CoC Guide

I’ve just got to maps, the damage from glacial cascade is very lovely but being squishy as hell just isn’t enjoyable.. need to kite bosses and cast in-between glacial dodging, so it is really hard work. Not positive if this ascendancy is suited to this style of play to be sincere which can be a shame

+ Fastest evident speed you are going to ever see
+ Enjoyable to play
+ 60k Armour with flasks up
+ Lightpoacher helmet is awesome
+ Insanely quickly and smooth leveling applying Poet wands
+ Can do all map mods except Elemental Reflect

– Build price
– Flickering screen
– Boss DPS problems (the Final update Should really repair! )
– Not HC Viable

Video Hyperlink:
General Clearspeed

40 Seconds Zana T8 Beach

[Templar] ASMR Inquisitor: Elemental Crit Ethereal Knives – Extreme evident speed & sound orgasm

ASMR EK has taken PoE by storm by getting one particular with the most satisfying builds in modern time. The Herald of Ice oriented build using the high critical chance, and apparent speed will leave each you and your potential party members drooling right after hearing the constant CRACKs and BANGs from Herald of Ice.
It is one particular with the quickest map clearings builds available. Built about EK’s threshold jewel, which gives you incredible evident speed, coupled with 100% physical -> elemental conversion together with ignoring resistances from Inevitable Judgement.
It has few requirements on your character, regarding both uniques and character level, but have tons of opportunities to make your characters incredibly strong over time!
This build will likely not get majorly nerfed in 3.3 and CI are going to be within a a lot better place because on the VP nerfs, which is why I believe it really is 3.3 ready and recommend CI over Life!

+ insane clear speed
+ See above
+ Low gear requirements
+ Clean progress throughout the game (all the method to level 100)
+ Can run both as CI (Better in both damage and survivability on account of aura nodes) and Life with out issues
+ OK single target with new Abyss Jewels and Weapons.
– Less single target than you could wish for.

Main DPS Setup
Ethereal Knives + Increased Critical Strikes + Spell Echo + Physical to Lightning + Pierce (6L = More rapidly Projectiles)
Physical to Lightning is used to convert the other 50% (immediately after Hrimsorrow) to elemental damage. Faster Projectiles can be switched in with Increased Critical Strikes in the event you feel that your build just isn’t covering enough area.
For single target, use Cremation + Mana Leech + Controlled Destruction for considerable damage and continuous mana leech with 100% uptime!

Peninsula Run at level 83

Example Link:

[Witch] Corpse explosion necro – detonate dead/cremation with max block and MoM

The build is meant for use using the Scourge special claws (dropped by chimera boss), and I haven’t managed to get one yet, but I’m surprised how well its been carrying out even without the need of all that further damage (+200% minion harm together with the claw and my current tree)

The concept will be to cast desecrate with spell cascade (instantly creates 15 corpses) and then use detonate deadly with spell echo + cascade. This creates an location of overlapping explosions which Occasional Instagibs nearly everything except bosses and some rares. You’ll be able to usually get a chain reaction going for any while without obtaining to cast desecrate once again manually. I use unearth + GMP having a low-level CwDt setup to maintain creating other corpses for bone offering or more chain reactions(considering the fact that find has no cooldown).
For single target, I use cremation in a five-link which has an insane amount of single target DPS.

Skill gems + links
Nevertheless playing with the links. Might switch cremation to 4l and detonate deadly as 5/6l later, but so far this setup is working properly.
main – detonate dead + spell cascade + spell echo + elemental concentrate (for those who choose to work with this inside a 6l instead, the last two would probably be fire pen and controlled dest.)
single target – cremation + GMP + impact + elemental focus (5l – fire pen, 6l – controlled dest.)

T6 atoll

T5 channel

This ends abruptly as abaxoth spawns out of nowhere and kills me. But I came back later and killed him. Was a bit clumsy since it was my first time fighting him, but went down pretty fast.
Abaxoth kill –

T4 gorge – Abyssal depth totem in t5

Instance Hyperlink:

At last, If you want to read more Poe 3.3 Builds,you can visited: