Top-Rated 5 Ideal Path of Exile 3.3 Builds For Duelist Gladiator

Last time U4gm editor list prime 5 greatest Builds for Duelist Slayer, Nowadays we will list the very best builds for Gladiator. The Gladiator works well with dual wielding or one-handed weapon (such as wands) and shield combinations. The tree provides opportunities to construct about applying bleed and enhancing the player’s blocking.


1. Unstoppable Gladiator 78% Max Block/Spells. 240K DPS Static Strike. Low Price range League Starter
This guide is primarily based around the Gladiator create I played on Essence & Perandus League, totally updated for Breach League. Check the following highlights to see if you’re interested in:
– 78% Max Block Attacks & Spells.
– You can Facetank almost anything with this incredible tanky create, thanks to Max Block A/S, great Armour for physical reduction (plus endurance charges) and a five.5K life pool.
– 240K DPS on fully buffed Static Strike. Calculation primarily based on: Tooltip * 1.6 (explosions)
– If you prefer, you can choose between other main attack skills: Cleave and Sunder are suggested. But other skills like Earthquake, Lacerate, Ice Crash could be used.
– Can run any map of any tier, up to T15, all can be done deathless (such as hard ones like T15 Core). All guardians can be done too, pretty straightforward.
– You can choose between Soul Taker Axe or Varunastra Sword (available after 2.3.2 release).
– Extremely cheap end-game make. You can get all your gear up and running for end-game content for 1 exalted.
– Really beginner friendly develop, but not limited to that. You can always improve it while you get some additional currency.
– Can do deathless Normal Atziri easily.

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2.Bleed Flurry Brutality (Fast + Lab + HotG + T16 + Shaper + Uber Atziri)
This create guide is an active and ongoing collaboration between Little_MessPM and Bladewing_M; LMPM is natively a Russian language speaker so he asked me to create a guide for his 100% original created. All credit for the development goes to him, and the guide is written from his POV.)
Greetings, and welcome to my guide! After theorycrafting and testing this construct in the 3.0 beta to great success, I was shocked when the Fall of Oriath launch ended up making it even stronger. In the first week of Harbinger league, I’ve used this create to farm lab, destroy all guardians, and kill the Shaper. Oh, and the clear speed is great too. Sound too good to be true?

Create Pros:
+ Strong (great damage output)
+ Resilient (good survivability)
+ Fast (solid clear speed)
Make Cons:
– Doesn’t get much offensive boost from aura bot (Brutality)
– A few semi-expensive items, especially jewels (though I?¡¥m using this as my league-starter without too much trouble)
– Not immune to Phys reflect (totem can handle it for single packs)

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3. Explosive Cleave / Lacerate Gladiator. Insane Clear Speed, Solid Defenses, and Spending budget
This build destroys map content and is built very defensively and is primarily based on the passive ‘Gratuitous Violence’ from the Gladiator Ascendancy. This skill explodes all bleeding monsters on death and deals 10% of their maximum life in physical damage. To scale this damage exponentially, we use a variety of methods including lots of purely physical damage (not weapon damage), area damage, flame golem, jewels, frenzy charges, Herald of ash and Hatred. We use Cleave because it allows us to maintain permanent frenzy and endurance charges without running Bloodrage (due to the node ‘Outmatch and Outlast’).

Construct Pros:
+ Insane clear speed
+ Very Defensive
+ Arctic Armour
+ Insane mobility
+ Budget
+ High Block + Spell Block
+ Very Fun!
+ Talking Axe to keep you company
Build Cons:
– Needs Fast Gameplay to maintain charges
– Can’t Run Reflect / Blood magic maps

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4.Generic HC RT Sunder Gladiator League Starter
Ever since the AoE nerfs to Earthquake there seems to be a lack of simple and reliable melee league starter develop guides here on the forums. That’s why I’ve decided on making a guide on what I’ve been successfully using as a starter in both the Breach HC and Legacy HC challenge leagues and am currently using in 3.0.
Develop Pros:
– Easily deals with all content leveling up until yellow maps on a 4-link
– Easy to gear out
– Tanky, as we are stacking life on the tree and gear as effectively as various forms of free mitigation, making this create hard to die on.
– reliable
– foolproof
Make Cons:
– It’s not Flameblast Totems.
– It’s not very flashy and there will be no shattering enemies.
– while it can do high tier maps and other endgame content, provided you invest into proper gear, you’re probably better off just starting your 2nd character and spending your accumulated wealth on that instead.

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5.Bloodrayne Gladiator – Lacerate Create Insane Clearspeed
Q: How much block does ur make have?
A: I added defense stats, 42% attack and spell block right now.

Q: Since I’m playing in the Hardcore league, would u suggest to take the spell block ascendancy in merc lab and “Outmarch and outlast” in the uber lib.
A: Ye, you should do this! Btw you have to look for more HP in items. I’ve got only ~5k hp in Essence Softcore, but I didn’t look at hp in my gear.

Q: Are there any options if u don’t want to go BoR?
A: I thought about Abyssus + Belly, but I didn’t test it yet.

Q: I have not enough Poe currency?
A: You can go Poe map and farming yourself or you can go buy cheap Poe currency use money!

Build PROS:
+ Very High Damage
+ Insane Clearspeed (!)
+ Capable of doing all map mods
+ Very High Attack Speed
+ Good Mobility
+ High Spell/Attack Block
+ Spending budget [~2,5ex for all items]
+ 20%/20lv Gems = Offscreen Clear = A Lots Of Fun 😀
+ Very Safe
+ Auto Targeting
Build CONS:
– Need Gem/Aura Modification To Run Ele/Phys Reflect and Blood Magic Mods (but it is still viable)
– Softcore Recommended

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POE 3.3 Builds For Witch Occultist Queen of Chaos Lahkesiis Essence Drain In Incursion League


Poe 3.3 Buffed ES and DOT
There two Amulet you’ll be able to choose among them
Presence of Chayula and Impresence Onyx Amulet (chaos)


1. For those who Pick out Presence of Chayula Choose Void Beacon From Ascendancy
2. In case you Select Impresence Onyx Amulet – Chaos ChooseVile Bastion From Ascendancy
Vile Bastion offer you cannot Be stunned though you have got Energy Shield
If you go for CI one, never Pick Presence of Chayula

+ Pretty high Chaos Damage
+ Very higher Harm More than Time
+ Really Tanky
+ Do Any map mod
+ All Content
+ LHC/SC/SSC Viable
+ Insane Amount of Wellbeing Regen

– Not the Quicker Map clearer But rapidly
– Can’t-do map for we require this regen to spell

+ Despair
+ Enfeeble
+ Temporal Chains
+ Clarity
+ Discipline
+ Arctic Armour

Build Gear:
Energy Shield ( +10K )
Fire Resistance ( 75%)
Cold Resistance ( 75% )
Lightning Resistance ( 76% )
Chaos Resistance ( 75% )

Skill Tree:
PoB Hyperlink:
Instance Link:

Regularly, they could be not worth the trouble for brings about which is usually adequate inside the extended run. While they might be handy for gamers who may quite possibly probably know certainly absolutely nothing at all in regards to the game. For mainly most likely probably the most portion, they are mastering equipment for newbies to ease them into the game. For a great deal much more POE 3.3 Builds For Templar Hierophant, it is actually truly attainable to visit Only a reminder: you may get 5% coupon code at no price from your reps when you Invest in Poe Currency buy from this quick short article.