POE 3.3 Duelist Create For Flurry Champion With Budget Reave

If you want to invest currency to enhance this char it’s important to drop bringer of rain for Abyssus for high DPS or Starkonja for a lot more life, make use of the Loreweave in chest, get steel rings with double Phys roll, two sockets tomb first, shaper double added damage off-hand weapon, taste of hate, sin’s rebirth and also you can attain three or 4M DPS on shaper.

POE-3.3-Duelist Create For Flurry Champion With Budget Reave

Why Champion:
We can attain 100% likelihood to hit without wasting revenue into high-priced gear sustaining the essential strike.
Perma fortifies and stuns immunity.
The champion is the ideal combination of damage and tankyness.

Benefits and drawbacks:
Quite superior league starter
Price range for true ( no 6link )
Rapidly mapping
Good boss killer ( swap into blade flurry only on the higher boss )
No Vaal Pact
Tanky ( instant leech/armour/evasion )
Quite superior lab farmer

Budget ( not the most beneficial endgame DPS )
Swap set up for Bosses can be boring
DOT may be unsafe
Cant run Phys reflect ( drop hatred for all reflect )
Cant run no leech mod

Stats and Numbers:
5300 hp ( with this shitty gear, you’ll be able to attain 6000+ hp with much better products )
About 1.2M DPS on shaper ( it may constantly be greater with far better items )
Complete buffs with blind 70% evade opportunity, 39% without having blind- 44% Phys reduction


Why these items?
With Bloodseeker we’ve got immediate leech, decent Pdps and a few leeches (2choas)
Death’s hand give us energy charges and 30% added physical harm in extra chaos on crit strike (fantastic DPS increase for 1 2chaos)
With bringer of rain, we’ve quick 7 links for our major ability, don’t neglect blind
it gives us about 40% additional evasion, great flat armour and evasion(2chaos)

As you’ll be able to see they’re all inexpensive items
Try and get Phy’s damage life and res
This corrupt belt is 30chaos but you are able to invest in the regular a single for 1chaos
In case you are genuinely poor look for boots without having movement speed, they may be so low-cost

Unstoppable hero
Worthy Foe
I chose fortitude in place of 1st Strike since when your fortify is down you shed the stun immunity.
I prefer to stay stationary and for me is boring to usually cast fortify with whirling blade.
Cast adrenaline with RF or blood magic is boring and risky, so I chose fortitude.
For anyone who is a good player, not like me, you are able to grab the First strike for more harm.
For minor God I chose Tukohama
For big God, you are able to use Solaris or Arakaali
I chose to kill all for 2 further points, but Alira is a very good choice.

Initially, purpose on the tree is definitely the duelist mana/life leech, you are going to drop it once you attain the claws nodes.
It depends upon your playstyle: aiming towards life or damage nodes.
I like to level up with frost blade and to swap into leave when you could use multistrike.
For weapon make an effort to get uncommon or special claw based on your level ( the claw life achieve on hit implicit is quite cool when your leech is low on levelling).
Recall to level up your blade flurry, setting it up in the second weapon slot.

If you can possess the tabula rasa
you will go quick, should you cant have it run till act 4 with 4link major talent, then purchase for 1 2c a white 5link chest ( spend interest for the level of the armour ), run till blood aqueduct for farm level 67 to wear you the bringer of rain.
For you rare claw search one particular like this
with attack speed and a few Phys damage, spend consideration to the level also.

Don’t appear my helmet enchants, it nevertheless wanting to farm a fantastic a single
Blade flurry harm can be a waste of Poe currency.
Look for:
Ancestral Protector Totem grants 12% elevated Attack Speed while Active
Blood Rage grants extra 12% increased Attack Speed
150% increased Impact with the Buff granted by your Lightning Golems

For boots enchant search for:
120% elevated Crucial Strike Likelihood if you have not Crit Not too long ago
Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second in case you were Hit Not too long ago

POB Link:https://pastebin.com/fciUwaPL



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