POE 3.3 Templar Build For All Uniques Whispering Ice Witch 2ex Tota

This make is centred around the Whispering Ice exceptional workers. It grants us an ability named Icestorm, which functions similarly to the firestorm. Even so, it’s an essential modifier. First, we get 1% spell damage per 10 ints. But a lot, more importantly, we get 1 to three cold damage per 10 ints extra to the ice storm. The target on the make is to realize as a great deal int as possible as it counts for each defence and offence. Consequently, whispering ice passive trees traverse oddly, since we choose to get as substantially int as you possibly can and only get nodes that have super-high value or also come with it. This can be also why we use all uniques for gear, mainly because Perandus Signet (rings) will scale int for each special we’re wearing.


You will find a lot of synergies at play with this construct. Guardian ascendency means the huge mana pool we get from stacking a lot int translates into much more vitality shield. The new uniques that were released from three.1 also pair excellently with this particular creature. Cyclopean coil does not simply provide us with a massive DPS improve from your %attributes, but it also can make the develop proof against igniting and shock. This frees up our flasks for improved utility.

Utilizing all uniques would normally mean we would lack in resistances. On the other hand, simply because Whispering Ice passive trees encourages travelling, we’re capable to get each of the good aura nodes. This, in turn, lets us use all four purities to effortlessly cap resistances regardless of the truth that our gear provides us with just about no resistances. The elemental purity auras also possess the side bonus of added elemental defences other POE 3.3 builds usually will not get.


The affordability originates from the truth that the majority of these uniques will not be expensive and none from the gear requires extra than a 4-link. In fact, do not 5 or 6 links as it can be a comprehensive waste of Poe currency. Despite the entire gear set not costing quite a bit, the outcomes are amazing, to say the least.

3.3 Changes
-Swap out Purity of Fire for Vaal Impurity of Fire
-Remove duplicate Vaal discipline (saves 1 gem slot) – I replaced gem slot with Vaal grace
-Chilled ground optimized!! woohoo
Huge damage increases in case you are capable to corrupt %int on your belt or rings

-Hierophant rather than Guardian
-Get the following Hierophant Keystones; Pursuit of Faith, Ritual Awakening, Divine Advice, Sanctuary of Considered
-Take out Ghost Reaver
-Take out 1 jewel socket near ghost reaver
-Take ancestral bond
-Take out scorching ray, cast whilst channelling from the weapon
-Socket in a lot quicker casting, spell totem into the weapon
-Take out decoy totem
-Socket in the enduring cry
-Unallocate elemental overload

It’s a considerably different play style. It truly is not just about as tanky as the guardian model, so I didn’t like it as significantly. But people of you who favor totems, and wish to do very risky map mods that is preferable.
+Can do elemental reflect along with other dangerous map mods safely
+Maps quicker
+Less defensive, easier to die should you play risky

-Can do all articles
-Very quite effortless to develop
-Excellent get together play support
-Good damage, excellent defense
-Easy to level as soon as you will get to level 33

-Maps gradually
-Bad league starter
-Limited SSF viability

These had been the prices in three.1 Abyss League. Costs will fluctuate as the meta evolves.
The Whispering Ice (18% int) – 1c + 350 jewellers
The Vertex – 4c
Shavronne’s Wrappings – 1ex
Shaper’s Touch – 5c
Sin Trek – 1c
Astramentis – 20c
Perandus Signet – 12c
Perandus Signet – 12c
Cyclopean Coil – 1c
Kiara’s Determination – 1c
Rumi’s Concoction – 2c
Pure Talent – 10c
Watcher’s Eye – 15c (freeze immune only)
Fertile Thoughts (2) – 1c every single
Brute Force Solution – 1c

None Uniques:
2 Uncommon Jewels with 3 lines every – 1-5c
3 Flasks

Complete Expense:
1ex 100c 350 jewellers

Unforseen charges: Gems. Purity gems are extremely affordable, so I would not endorse leveling these yourself. Target about the 5 support gems for icestorm.

What to invest extra?

Large rolls on all uniques – ???
20 Excellent your weapon support gems – 1-2ex
Watcher’s Eye Vitality leech – 2-3ex

Tooltip is just not a good indication of true dps, but you can use it to track your progress. At level 90 you should be hitting about this tooltip with arcane surge(lv ten), elemental overload, and conc impact.

Offensive Stats: 30k+ per hit in PoB (number of million dps icestorm? difficult to determine), two.86 cast/s, -105% fire res

Defensive Stats: 10k ES, 81 all res, 8k EV / 4k Armour, Super Regen and Max Block 20% from the time, 1.6k ES regen/s (goes as much as like 4k with Time of Require), 1% leech, Chilled Ground, 100% Immunity to freeze/shock/ignite

Further Construct Information:

Radiant Faith > Time of Have to have > Bastion of Hope > Harmony of Purpose

Soul on the Brine King
Soul of Tokuhama (upgrade soul for additional regen)

Destroy all for 2 passive points

Gem links:
Weapon: Scorching Ray–Cast While Channeling, Cold to Fire, Elemental Emphasis, Fire Penetration, Spell Cascade/Concentrated Impact
Clarity(lv 1)
Purity of Components
Purity of Lightning
Purity of Ice
Vaal Impurity of Fire
Blood Magic(lv 14)-Aura 1-Aura 2
Cast When Harm Taken–Stone Golem–Immortal Call–Increased Duration
Flame Dash–Flammability–Arcane Surge–Increased Duration
Decoy Totem
Vaal Discpline

Note: Will not hyperlink Decoy Totem with Blood Magic.
Tip: Socket Discipline and Vitality in to the Vertex, because they are really the sole auras that advantage from +1 gem level.

Flask Alternatives:
Jade Flask (+3000 Evasion) is hilariously fantastic, because Shaper’s Touch gloves give us 360% Evasion
Sulphur Flask is wonderful for that defensive and offensive rewards
Rumi’s is excellent to proc Bastion of Hope for stun immunity
Kiara’s Determination can be a fail-safe, but by no indicates important for freeze/stun immunity
Quicksilver is great for after you do bad layouts
Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz swap when important

The Sensible Oak can be used for defenses, as your resistances will be 86/86/106. It is going to not, nonetheless, provide any injury increase.

Jewel Places:
It really is vital you put these jewel during the accurate sockets, otherwise your dex are going to be greater than strength so you won’t get ignite immunity.

Map Mods:
Any map mod except elemental reflect and no mana regen.

Substitute Model
They’re some positive aspects to making use of the Ice model
one. It is cheaper, mainly because we never require vitality watcher’s eye to leech as we can use Atziri’s Guarantee
two. It really is more defensive, since we use blight, use grace, and do cold harm
They are a few disadvantages to making use of the Ice edition.
one. It can be harm is reduced (all over 10-15% significantly less), simply because we will not get scorching ray and cold conversion advantage
two. It can be far more clunky to make use of, due to the fact we need to cast frost bomb and upkeep atziri’s flask

Here is what we need to modify:

-Use Atziri’s Guarantee flask
-Drop Cold to Fire in favor of Hypothermia
-Drop Scorching Ray in favor of Blight
-Re-allocate passives for far more int
-Use Frost Bomb for more -20 cold res
-Use grace for any significant 30k EV improve
-Use degree 4 enlighten to create room for grace

POB Hyperlink:https://pastebin.com/B9n4YDYD
Talent Tree:https://tinyurl.com/ydc69lca




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