POE 3.3 Duelist Pure Physical Slayer Cyclone For League Starter Build Guide

Tireless is actually a really major QOL in case you discover that you are frequently out of mana in the course of cycling as 6L.
Crimson Dance and bleeding nodes from sword cluster give some dmg increase against single-target, bleeding proc from cyclone also enable the usage of BloodLust to enhance your totem dmg against the single target. But you should not invest any other passives on bleed scaling, specifically soon after cyclone lost the Ruthless support in 3.1.


Vaal Pact is quite robust for Slayer, with Leech not removed on complete life, Vaal pact does not have any drawback. On the other hand, I wouldn’t suggest taking VP also early, because your early dmg with cyclone may possibly not be enough to assistance decent leech duration. I normally take VP right after finishing the Uberlab.
Additional leveling could be finding far more life nodes as well as the 3-point jewel socket(in the event you have decent 4 affix jewel).

For Jewel, prioritize Attack speed rather than dmg, considering the fact that we get lots of dmg% from Strength bonus and passive, balancing your attack speed and dmg% would yield maximum DPS. Also, attack speed let more quickly leap slamming. Jewel with life% is superior, but a life% Jewel that worth to be socketed commonly price much more than a very great 3 offensive affix jewel for us, and my tree have a lot more than 200% inc. max life, so you need to get offensive jewels early on for far better investment return than upgrade to very good life% jewel later if you would like.

3.3 Changes
Nothing definitely modify. Beside we lose Aspect of Spider as endgame aura solution with Bestiary gone.
3.3 also revamp the Vaal expertise, but Vaal Cyclone is still meme tier, and really feel very awkward to utilize with cyclone, going for the Lv21 cyclone is just better for the +1 added variety.
Vaal Double Strike, on the other hand, might be quickly integrated considering that cyclone proc. bleed incredibly reliably, which give a sturdy burst against map bosses.

Affordable as well as the core products are effortlessly obtainable at any league
Smooth map clearing since cyclone now have the decent range
Really good Lab runner
Can run most map mods(Except No-leeching)
~8K life endgame and sustained high leech regen
Ethical and accurate melee Kappa

No insane damage scaling at late game
Since your Dmg can’t delete bosses like another late-game construct, you have got to play along with the boss mechanics, which actually demand you to “Play the game as GGG intended”
Clearing speed is just not comparable to wanders or bow.

Given that the nerf to Slayer Brutal Fevor at 3.1, Arakaali could be the only one accurate major god for all Slayers, any other selections are heretics.
Soul of Arakaali, and in particular the “Capture Arachnoxia in Sewer Map” upgrade is super strong for Slayer.
This upgrade gives the impact: “50% improved Recovery rate of Life and Power Shield if you’ve stopped taking Harm Over Time Recently”
To proc. the impact, just has Blood Rage activated and proc. Cwdt-Immortal Cry. The Immortal Cry would “Stop” the physical DOT from BR, therefore fulfill the Pantheon requirement.

“50% raise Recovery rate of Life” contains Life generation and Life Leech, due to the fact my make have constant life leeching (58% max-life/sec with VP), it would boost it to 87%/sec after the CwDT is proc., which can be quite robust having a decent life pool.

Main Skill:
Slot: Weapon 1
Cyclone 21/20
Brutality 20/20
Melee Physical Harm 20/20
Concentrated Effect 20/20
Maim 21/20
Enhanced Critical Strikes 20/20
Harm on Complete Life 20/20 DISABLED

Boss Fight Suggestions:
1. Generally, Short-Spin during the boss fight: Cyclone cannot be canceled until you reach the location point. It would normally lead to harmful conditions which you’ll want to leap slam away from a fatal blow but stuck in the middle of cyclone animation. By maintaining the location point of cyclone close to your character, it would reduce the animation stuck rather quite a bit, allowing you to constantly adjust the direction and leap slam away at any time. Boosting your speed working with quicksilver in the emergency also aid a good deal.

2. Totem contributes a lot to your DMG: It really is just about generally worth it to cease cyclone for a though and re-cast your totem. Intelligent placement of totems would reduce the quantity of re-casting, it is also the reason why I do not like to use Conc.effect on the totem.

3. Try to help keep up Blood Rage through the fight: Given that we use Arakaali as a major god, triggering CwDT-Immortal Cry with blood rage would boost our leech regen to 87%max-life/sec for 4sec.

4. Managing your leech duration: Each Slayer player ought to know how long their leech duration last through the fight. For calculation, simply import your character into POB, and get three following numbers: “Average cyclone hit dmg against Shaper/Guardian (DPH)”, “Total leech % as life” and “Your maximum life”.
The leech duration= DPH * Leech% / (max Life*0.02)

1. The DPS requirement for slayer cyclone in Shaper fight is actually really low because our 20% culling practically neglect the third stages of the fight. ~150K/75K POB DPS on cyclone/totem needs to be the lowest quantity required for this fight.

2. Around 6500 HP is advised if you’d like the quick fight. 6500hp is secure from one-shot by the Yellow balls. Also 6500HP with VP(29%*2) or 29%max leech price with Arakaali proc.(29%*1.5) should really permit Slayers to out-leech the DOT in the Vortex ground effect (you could possibly stand on it along with the Dmg on Complete life would nevertheless function), making the fight rather uncomplicated given that you care much less about positioning the Vortex ball and concentrate far more on dealing Dmg and dodging the Slam.

3. Don’t waste too much time/AFK between phases of Shaper. He would essentially heal back should you invest too long, which would make the subsequent stage tougher for you.

4. Just before the “bullet hell” began, you need to verify and trigger all of the lingering Vortex balls outside on the Zana Shield. In the event the Vortex ball, unfortunately, seem through the middle of “bullet hell”, do not panic, just move towards the edge from the shield and trigger the ball, there would nonetheless be sufficient space for you to stand inside (See the 3.1 shaper video for demonstration).

5. At the finish of “bullet hell”, be aware on the projectiles due to the fact they travel at slow speed, it is possible to quickly crash into one particular should you just wish to quickly engage the shaper.

6. In the event you are killed for the duration of “bullet hell”, never log out right away, wait for the storm to pass, then log-out and re-enter the space, otherwise, you may die once again considering the fact that the time from the instance would freeze after you can find no player inside.

7. There are only 3 things can one-shot you from 6500HP: the shaper slam, the slam from the mini-boss, and shotgunned by numerous vortex balls from mini-boss. Both slams need to be quickly dodge-able in the event you hold short-spinning. The shotgun can only happen for those who are very close to mini-boss, just cycling around in the circle and keep a tiny distance between.

Uber Azitiri:
1. Uber is really far more difficult for this create than Shaper, so never attempt it just before you finish Shaper.

2. Trash clearing is unsafe considering the fact that a rare melee mob can one-shot you with the crit from 7K HP. Lion’s Roar is usually a should have if you want safe clearing. Also, don’t rush into a room full of Vaal Construct(the greenish range guy), it is possible to be Insta-killed if too a lot of projectiles hit at when(these green projectiles cannot be evaded, so I do not bother to work with Grace here). Attempt to lure a few of them out or use totem to cut down their number beforehand.

3. Dual Vaal Oversoul is just a DPS check, just activate all the buff/flask and hope you have got adequate.
POB sustained DPS of 250K/130K(cyclone/totem) is doable with Kondo’s and 6L.

4. Trio fight isn’t as difficult as folks claimed. You cannot kill them at a single go in the event you are working with Kondo’s Pride, however, the area is enormous and also you have limitless time for this fight, just kite them around and wait for them to separate. Drop lady initial and retain moving when she starts out shooting things up to the sky. Kill dual wielder subsequent, do not engage him if he is glowing red(He can one-shot you in this state). And slayer easily face-tank the cycloner given that we are immune to his bleeding.

5. Azitiri herself is definitely the most difficult one in case your Dmg will not be adequate to kill the split phase quickly. My strategy will be to keep in the middle, drop totem and Vaal lightning trap at one of them. When they seem, the flame blast really should commence to appear at the middle, then leap slam to engage, disengage once more once the flame blast is re-cast on you, moving around to lure the flame blast to become cast at other place and engage again until the split phase is killed. Any mistake would lead to death.

Normally, they’re not worth the trouble for reasons which are sufficient in the extended run. Even though they are helpful for players who may possibly know nothing about the game. For one of the most part, they may be finding out tools for newbies to ease them into the game. For extra Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you may check out Poecurrencybuy.com. Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code free of charge in the reps in the event you Buy Poe Currency order from this short article.


POB Link:https://pastebin.com/TS9h5kqT
Talent Tree:https://tinyurl.com/ybwv2dag


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