POE 3.3 Marauder With Thermomix The second and WIP updating Build

We’re semi-dumb marauders that are only fantastic at 4 issues: stacking life, stacking strength, stacking regen and stacking life.


Our damage comes from strength trough Doon(125.5% universal harm), Iron will(249% spell damage) and Righteous Fire(59% A lot more and 40% spell harm). We get minimal in the tree, only essentially the most effective ones that we can grab even though acquiring much more life, also we ensure to grab the Elemental overload keystone as it can continuously provide us with 40% More Elemental harm.
The beauty with the make is the fact that with sufficient strength, we wind up with comparable damage to more spell damage-focused builds though still sustaining our core idea of being PHAT wholesome sons of Tamako’s.


The end result will probably be something like:

Each of our most important spells is supported by the exact same help gems, our Flameblast can one-shot blue packs with 2-4 charges, along with the Firestorm is able to clear white packs with only one cast. Together with the current rework to burning harm help we can slap AOE on RF and essentially not care about white packs as they die just by being near us. The single target harm is rather high, using our Tankiness to remain in place* to take care of bosses(*Tried against Ringwald, not advised)

-Rather cheap
-Scales well with investment
-Regens Much more than double HP than RF could burn can run even no regen maps with RF-enabled resulting from our insane leech with all the FB CWC FS setup.
-Very high leech from Firestorm
-Can face tank most Phys/fire content
-Blood magic
-The harm is great enough to clear high level maps relatively rapid
-Can be played with 1 hand

-Some might discover the character a bit sluggish
-Lightning thorns
-Damage is mediocre without the need of RF
-The harm can’t be scaled beyond a specific point
-No unwavering stance(Might be fixed having a couple of points, personal reference). Esh breach with -Max res is a recipe for Stunlock deaths
-May not be for beginners as i’m lazy and aren’t explaining anything from twilight strand to Shaper

It really is fairly simple, we start out as a marauder, grab our flame totem and firestorm, rush to pick up the Blood magic keystone. As dumb as marauders are this can be an ought to if because the mana cost early on can be really penalizing specifically with tabula(Which I can genuinely recommend since it assists the leveling course of action tremendously). At lv18 Our passive tree need to look something like This.

We’re marching forward, firestorm until we get to level 38 where we can finally Equip our most important setup, which can be Flameblast, cast when channeling, firestorm. Our tree is coming close to This we’re prioritizing picking up our handful of harm nodes, as we aren’t yet utilizing doon nor RF to increase our damage.

We’re just about continuing to do this until Lv65, where we farm dried lake till we’ve sufficient POE currency to get our base things and level to work with them. Around this point we should do the initial three labs, giving us leech, far more regen, and free endurance charge generation.

Hands down the most beneficial two are Soul of Tukohama And Arakaali. The former provides us with 8% Phy’s damage reduction and 2% hp regen when we are killing bosses( We like being stationary generally, even though not, the bonuses wonderful even partially charged), while the latter gives us an outstanding 5% decreased harm over time has taken which helps us sustain RF, give us extra overkill regen for coping with sustained harm plus a whopping 50% multiplier to our regen and health flasks when we pop our dousing flask or get rid of damage over time effects. In clutch conditions, it’ll bring us up to practically 4k hp regen per sec.

Farming t15 maps, sadly no fragment has dropped as of but.
Atziri is ridiculously uncomplicated, failed at ¨1ber once, was naive, though I can do it with no Saffel/topaz flask. Haven’t carried out it ever before so that may perhaps also be an element. Although I think with small adjustment the make could very easily do it.
Did all four labs at lv66, was ridiculously quick as I can just disable RF and walk through traps. The build may also manage Izaro without undertaking any in the challenges on every single stage, creating for a very good lab runner.
Did all five breaches, Chayula was insanely tough for me, got for the portal with 1sec left, the boss itself was somewhat easy, deactivated RF, the sustain truly helped right here a lot.
At present working on unlocking the remainder of the atlas and hoping for guardian fragment drops.

Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/yclw8cbj


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