POE 3.3 Scion Build For Tesla Cyclone With Destroy the Game From The ALL Content

Effectively, this development can do all that and much more!
*Trigger Warning* That is a pure exciting guide to maximizing the Prospective of Crit Physical Cyclone using the only ascendancy class that matters for Scion, ASCENDANT *bad joke*. This build is for those that wish to clear maps so fast they don’t have time to question things like: “WTF am I undertaking w/ my life?” “Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?” “Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?”


– High Harm
– Among the Fastest Mapping Builds within the GAME
– Can do all content (Videos posted below)
– Exciting WITH HEADHUNTER (Totally OPTIONAL. Not needed for the construct but a Pro in my book XD )
– Can do all map mods (Can do Eli and Phy reflect. Put Blood magic on your cyclone or use mana flask on No Regen. Can do No Leech maps.)
– Spending budget Friendly Clear up to T15-16 on a 25c spending budget. (Also can scale really high the additional investment you place in)
– Can use as a League Starter
– Can Do Uber Lab Effortlessly
– Can turn into a Magic Uncover Map Spammer God that is certainly Quick and may kill Bosses Speedily, Conveniently.
– Bitch Ass Botters That Attempted to work with my Build b/c it’s OP. GOT BANNED. GG EZ.

– Not an 8-13k Righteous Fire Life Make
– Melee is not a con.
– Can not Facetank the globe. (Once again not a Righteous Fire Build)
– Requires you to study finish game boss mechanics (Personally, Do not see this as a con due to the fact I like essentially playing the game.)
– Not managing Cyclone at all can cause mana troubles. (I retain spamming the button with no one about and now I’ve no mana! Help!)
– Does want a fair amount of investment and patience when doing Uber Elder (When you even plan on fighting him)


Path of Creating Variants:
For all those with Path of Creating (Which I advise everyone downloading and utilizing for all of your POE builds). I’m going to lay out the options for the make right here that should incorporate gearing and so forth etc. I will not be such as fully fleshed out versions to almost everything, however, mostly because of just how much time I at present have, but to find out the gear and passives/gem links, verify them out.
League Starter/Put Me In Coach! Can stick to this just after Uber Elder. Leveling League Starter in 2nd post https://pastebin.com/fJBhJRHT

This passive tree is for those league starting that want a safe, low-cost passive tree route. This will easily get you safely set up for mapping and taking full benefit on the Pure talent jewel. I did consist of a couple of playing about possibilities for other gear in there if you want to get froggy early on and would like to play with some numbers. This really is like a minimal, rapid map prepared, can use properly at the get started and level up to 90 with. Good health (just beneath 6k but can go up, + are for farming etc and so forth)

The next passive trees will be “What Path do I wish to Go with my finish game goals” variants. Decide on based on budget and playstyle.

The ‘I Don’t Care about your stinking Hp! I just want damages! (My preference atm)

That is the LOWEST LIFE variant that trades off HP for Harm. Decide on only for those who by no means ever ever ever ever ever ever ask “How Significantly HP do you may have?” This will likely variety involving four.5k – four.9k life.

The Just how much HP Do You may have Mainly because I want Much more Variant

This Variant can be a great deal safer route, nonetheless going more than 1Mil DPS and hitting 6.5k hp with ease. You may even add extra life to the creation. If you like far more hp, please for the Adore OF GOD decide on this -3

My Mom Put Me inside a Bubble Even though I Grew Up and Now I only Put on Kaom’s Chest

This may be the lowest Damage Variant but with 7.3k+ HP with the solution for additional hp, it has probably the most HP. WE DID IT BOIS. Each of the HP. You might be still having almost 900k DPS that is a lot.

I will say there are actually almost certainly superior techniques to optimize this distinct choice, so builders, feel no cost.

Just follow the Extra Well being choice. Wear a Kaom’s Heart plate. Place Cyclone inside your weapon and drop Vaal DS. YOU WANTED Much more HP. YOU GOT IT.


Main Skill:
Slot: Body Armour
Cyclone 21/20
Damage on Full Life 21/20 DISABLED
Brutality 21/20
Maim 21/20 DISABLED
Increased Area of Effect 20/23
Melee Physical Damage 21/20
Concentrated Effect 21/20 DISABLED

In each of the above variants, you could Conveniently path to Vaal Pact and Vit Void in the event you so decide on. I personally usually do not like VP But in the event you really feel like you wish to be a lot more face tanky THEN Pick IT UP. I did not choose to make two variants for each and every variant just to cover the adjust. It is 5-8 passives. Please use your individual judgment. Should you have inquiries, I am on Twitch and this forum.

Pick out Your Destiny Gem Hyperlinks Included
The Way this Guide is set up is (specifically for newer players) which you start off with the 2nd post, the leveling section, then after you finish Uber Lab (or know what to perform) and desire to maximize your league beginning potential, switch more than to this tree till you get much more dollars and improved gear. Then you definitely choose a single on the final setups based on what you want as a player. When you’ve got completed Uber Lab and wish to skip the League starter set up for one particular in the final paths, please do. If you want Much more Energy Immediately after FOLLOWING THESE Measures, I’ll have a Min/Maxer Powerup Section that applies to all variants from the developer. Under these Possibilities, I’ve my gear, hyperlinks, and videos posted for proof of notion. The make only got WAY stronger in 3.3 and so to upgrade the guide, I rewrote this section to provide lots of possibilities.

Flasks and Jewels:
You’ll need to possess either mana leech on 1 passive OR on a single jewel.
I’m truly enjoying the addition of your Watcher’s Eye Jewels. Should you decide to pick 1 up, just know that the Haste one aids slightly bit with harm mitigation, nevertheless, my preference could be the Grace Jewel. I have to switch the Haste aura over to Grace for finish game bosses along with the Jewel just adds just a little a lot more defense on a currently great defensive shift by switching auras. There is are a great deal of wonderful Watcher’s Eye Jewels for the make. In case you progress that far, pick the one that functions for your creative choice.

If you need to save extra passives (two to three far more), you’ll need to get lightning to resist on two of the jewels to over the cap of resistances a little in the event you select the complete one of a kind play style.
Common immediately after those needs have already been met, look for:
+% Life, Essential Multiplier — Top rated tier (life becoming the absolute very best and most wanted roll)
Attack speed, Harm, Crit opportunity — Nonetheless good

Normal: +40 Dex and + 1 Passive point around the Ranger Path
Cruel: Ranger Ascendancy (RAIDER) and +20 Strength and Dex going down the Duelist Path
Merciless: + 1 Passive Point and Duelist Ascendancy (SLAYER)
Uber: + 1 Passive and finish the Ranger route with Grants 2 Passive points and can allocate passive in beginning point.

I truly consider there’s a great deal of preference based possibilities on the subject of the positive aspects the pantheon can offer the create. I am just going to list a couple of favorites of mine. Feel totally free to attempt extra out also.

Progression (applies to all develop variants)
– Get your chest 6L (I Currently DID! NOW WHAT?)
– Corrupt your Shaper’s Touch with Vulnerability on Hit. Take out Blasphemy + vuln on boots. Replace with either Vitality and get two Abyssal Socket Bubonic
– Corrupt your Shaper’s Touch with Vulnerability on Hit. Take out Blasphemy + Vuln on boots. Just run Vaal Grace + blood rage gem, get two Abyssal Socket Bubonic. 6L your weapon, making Vaal DS and Totem even MOAR potent.

– (Also can try and do a 1 abyssal socket Bubonic with Grace + Haste + enlighten but honestly, I did not like it that considerably for finish game. Your selection even though)

– LAB Enchante: Cyclone Attack speed, Cyclone Harm, Blood rage Attack Speed for Helm. 16% attack speed once you get a kill on Boots or 2% regen when hit. Choices Alternatives.

– SLAM A DUO CURSE ON DARESSO’S AND Turn out to be A GOD. This would be immediately after you get Vuln on hit around the Shaper’s Touch too. Then you definitely can just replace Vuln on boots with ASSASSIN’S MARK and even ENFEEBLE for additional offense or a lot more defense. For those who pick out Assassin’s Mark, I assume your 6th Hyperlink on Cyclone can be changed to Enhanced Crit Strikes and slightly outdo Maim but I’ll double check.

– Double Corrupting your SHIZZ (Major Balls Bois)
– Buying a high priced %life recovery rate life with +hp Elder Rustic Sash for a lot more hp and much more life leech.
– Trying out an Elder Crit Chest more than Bronn’s
– Super costly Crit chance/crit multi +life Shaper Amulet.

Significant God Recommendation:
– Soul of Arakaali
Minor God Recommendation:
– Soul of Rakesh – Neato
– Soul of Ryslatha – For Lab assistance
– Soul of Garukhan – Evasion

Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/ya99hl3e

Normally, they are not worth the problems for causes which might be enough inside the extended run. While they may be helpful for players who might know practically nothing concerning the game. For essentially the most component, they’re studying tools for newcomers to ease them into the game. For much more Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you are able to pay a visit to U4gm .com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code for free in the reps for those who Obtain Poe Currency order from this article.



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