POE 3.3 Ranged Duelist Gladiator Builds


[POE 3.3 Kinetic Blast Build] Blast Gladiator Guide For Beginner

Easy to hit max block by block.
Truly robust against bosses that have walled rooms.
Very fun.

Can’t run physical or elemental reflect.
Terrible for bosses that do not have walls.

Leveling Guide:
At level 2 Grab an Onslaught gem.
At level 4 Grab a Decoy Totem gem.
At level 12 Start out making use of Storm Prison wand, Lycosidae shield, and Barrage skill gem.
At level 24 Grab your self a Wrath gem plus an Assassin’s Mark gem.
At level 30 Equip a Thief’s Torment ring that will assistance with sustaining mana and life and a Tywzel wand.
At level 34 Grab a Lightning Golem gem.
At level 38 Grab oneself Cast When Damage Taken gem, plus a Curse On Hit gem.
At level 59 Grab a Moonsorrow wand till you’ll be able to afford a Corona Solaris.
At level 63 Use Corona Solaris until you can get your hands on a important physical wand.

Life Flask (Necessary).
Diamond Flask (Required).
Silver Flask (Not needed).
Dying Sun (Not necessary).
The Smart Oak (Not required).
Jade Flask (Your option).
Basalt Flask (Your choice).
Granite Flask (Your option)

Versatile Combatant.
Violent Retaliation.
Blood within the Eyes OR Outmatch and Outlast.

Kill All for two passive points.

Pob Hyperlink:https://pastebin.com/Ej9SNi8R
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y7x7qole
Example Hyperlink:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2136532

[POE 3.3 Spectral Shield Throw Build] Gladiator Spectral Shield Guide For Newbie

This creates utilizes a 7-link Spectral Throw with Lioneye’s Vision (level 15 pierce) and 4 added projectiles with dual Grelwood Shank swords. We go Blood Magic and Brutality so we do not need to run ANY auras. All our gear is Strength/Dex primarily based so we have no problems missing stats for gear and only require 27 Int for our CWDT gem. We use GMP to map and Slower Projectiles to certainly melt bosses.

Phys only, higher block, blood Splosions, spectral shield throw with single and crowd clearing setups. You’ll clear T15 and T16+ with it no challenge.
Spectral Shield Throw had a poor start. A number of streamers claimed its ‘bad’ or ‘sh..’ without genuinely giving it a try. It seems some streamers aren’t truly any superior at evaluating stuff and are conveniently distracted.
SST is really a nice skill with one of a kind mechanic (how fresh it can be to make use of a projectile skill that may be not auto-scaled with GMP..) and quite higher influence harm. Forget about all-natural crit scaling – there isn’t any point and hybrid shields are costly mainly because no one picks them up.

You could level with SST starting from lvl 16 once you equip your very first leveling unique shield. Then you definitely get Ewar’s Mirage and.. sooner than you feel that you are in maps. Just invest in shields from time for you to time, 1 chaos a piece. Your build reaches its ‘end form’ at lvl 67 whenever you can equip your end-game shield.

– pretty smooth map clear
– affordable single target
– really tanky with the correct gear
– standard end-game setup is rather inexpensive
– very extended upgrade path. if you wish to invest into the creation, there are actually Plenty of chase items to appear for
– explores elder/shaper itemization and allows for creative gearing
– the leveling as SST is not as poor as certain ‘pro’ streamers claim
– enchant just isn’t game-changing, you are able to ignore enchants as well as your construct must work perfectly fine

– 3900 hp bow MF builds are more quickly
– 3900 hp bow MF build has larger MF
– end-end-game gear pieces are high-priced or basically don’t exist as we seek an incredibly distinct roll set
– end-game bosses usually do not die in four seconds
– some map mods and sextant mods are annoying or downright unplayable. 90% opportunity to avoid ailments is brutal.
– proximity shields.. annoying!
– maps with plenty of clutter.. annoying!

Gladiator. For block and bleed Splosions. Hemophilia gloves also grant Splosions but these deal only 5% in comparison to 10% gladiator offers us.
Ascendancy order:
– Blood inside the Eyes
– Gratuitous Violence (bloodSplosions)
– Painforged
– Versatile Combatant (in case you usually do not have spell block out of your shaper shield)
– Violent Retaliation (when you do. this also modifications the gearing – I’ll not cover this variant)

Single target:
– Physical Projectile Harm
– Brutality
– Harm on complete life
– Maim
– Pierce (from the chest)
– Unbound Aliments (or Item Rarity) – I’ve to use the blue link on account of corruption that I usually do not would like to re-roll

Clear setup:
– Maim
– Physical Projectile Damage
– Chain
– Faster Projectiles (from gloves)
– Poison (from gloves)
– More quickly Attacks (from gloves)

– (normal) %maximum life
– (normal) generic Damage, Global Phys Harm (these scale bloodSplosions), Attack Speed (generic, with shield, with the weapon you use)
– (regular) projectile speed! it really is the second most important (just after pure harm) clear speed element
– (Abyss) get Onslaught / Phasing

Leveling Guide:
Use twink gear (Goldrim, Elron rings and so forth – just verify what high-lvl pieces with a lot of low rolls you’ve got in your stash and equip them). Do not forget that your most significant products are your FLASKS. keep them as much as date, use granite/jade and two quicksilvers + 1 overall health or hybrid pot.

Early levels:

Resolute Approach rush:

Preparing for the first lab:

Enter the Bleedsplosions – second lab:

Approaching Act 9/10:

Final pre-maps step:

My present lvl 92 trees:

Pob Hyperlink:https://pastebin.com/cBZM6CPS
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/ychgowa4

Typically, they may be not worth the difficulty for causes that happen to be sufficient within the long run. When they may be beneficial for players who might know nothing in regards to the game. For by far the most element, they are mastering tools for novices to ease them into the game. For far more POE 3.3 Builds, you can go to U4gm.com. Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code free of charge from the reps should you Buy Poe Currency order from this article.


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