POE 3.3 Ranged Scion Ascendant Build

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[POE 3.3 Elemental Hit-Raned Build]Elemental Hit with Attain of the Endgame develop with budget things

Right after lengthy era of disgrace, elemental hit finally got buffed.
Even right after a little of disappointment in actual release (initial buff was with 188% harm effectiveness, but not implemented), EH is now in the very solid state. Though there is absolutely no consensus created tips on how to optimize the elemental hit make.

– “Cheap” (Core exclusive things are incredibly low-priced) + No six Link essential
– Endgame viable.
– All map mode capable (except no leech)
– Tanky 6k+ HP @Lv90 (Employing Rare jewels alternatively of Grand Spectrum Viridian Jewels)
– Excellent Leech w/ Acrobatic & Phase acrobatic
– Exact same passive tree for melee version (though it’s more suitable for bow attack)
– Excellent harm scaling based on EH Gem level.
– Really easy to cap resistance.

– low movement speed (compare to traditional bow builds)
– Not the best single target (compare to 3.2 Barrage builds)
– Not the best map clear (compare to 3.2 tornado shots builds)
– Melee version is not preferred in current speed clearing meta

– Wonderful leech from Slayer’s node with Vaal Pact.
– reflect free
– The easier approach to key-stone “Elemental Equilibrium”, “Elemental Overload”, and “Avatar of Fire”

Gem Setup:
– (Helmet) Elemental Hit ¨C Elemental attack damage ¨C Pierce ¨C Faster attack
– Blink Arrow
– Haste
– Summon Ice Golem ¨C Cast when damage is taken.
– Summon Fire Golem
– Immortal Call ¨C Cast when harm has taken.
– Herald of Thunder ¨C Curse on hit ¨C Elemental Weakness

Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/E354uDcY
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y9b9la3k
Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2157802

[POE 3.3 Tornado Shot Build]Asymat’s “Purenado Shot” | HC (party friendly) | Very progressive budget

This make revolves around Lionneye’s Glare & Tornado Shot. It is designed to play Tornado Shot asap and will slowly but steadily growing in power with every bit of currency invested. Having only one setup enables Kaom’s Heart which lead to a decent hp pool for an archer. It will kill (not face-tank) with ease end-game bosses with high investment.

– One skill to rule them all
– Terrific use of both “Pure Talent” and “Might with the Meek” special jewels
– Nice clear speed
– The sound of shatter
– Perma blind
– Strong Knockback
– Start low cost

– 7-7.3k HP
– 300-600k shopper Dps
– 180ms
– ~ 4.5k evasion
– 46/46 dodge/spells
– = ~ 80% chance to not get hit

All Kraityn bonuses (6% attack speed, 3% dodge attacks, 6% Movespeed) really synergise with the creation but if we compare them to QuickStep (9% attack speed, 6% Movespeed) that we don’t even spec until pretty late, it feels a bit underwhelming so Eramir it is (until 96+)

Gem Setup:
Tornado Shot <> Greater Multiple Projectiles <> Elem with attacks <> Cold penetration <> Mirage archer <> Increased crit strikes / Elemental Focus (switch only vs big bosses – elder, shopper, guardians…)
Hatred/Grace 18% damage vs 8k evasion (Imo blind + dodge + 5k Eva + pantheon is enough)
Herald of Ice (+ Inc area) (+ Increased crit strikes) (+ Cold penetration)
CWDT lvl2 + Immortal Call lvl4 + Inc duration + Frost Bomb lvl12 (so you can self-cast it)
Blink Arrow + Frenzy + Culling Strike + (Faster Attacks)
Blood Rage
(Vaal Grace / Vaal Haste > Inc duration)

X% Chance to Blind enemies on hit with attacks Need 1 only. Preferably high roll: 5%-6%.
+ XX to maximum life
Add cold damage to attacks
Add cold harm to bow attacks

Soul from the Brine King Anti perma-stun, Anti perma-freeze, Anti chill
Soul of Garukhan More evade and Movespeed

Pob link:https://pastebin.com/djRrpYze
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y95mgaot
Example Hyperlink:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2050639


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