POE 3.3 Spells Witch Occultist Builds

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[POE 3.3 Dark Pact Build]Bro, Do You Even Summon? Skeleton crit Dark Pact Bosskiller

Assassin is additionally an excellent option for this build. It has higher DPS possible but doesn’t offer +1 curse bonus and are not able to apply curses on Hexproof enemies so that you will need to commit +3 factors on Whispers of Doom and you also might struggle with operating Hexproof maps.

Propose the next Ascendancy buy for your Assassin:
2.Ambush and Assassinate
3.Unstable Infusion
four.Deadly Infusion


– millions of DPS with affordable gear (8mil Shaper DPS with 10ex invested in 3.3 Incursion)
– interesting mechanics
– cheap to start out with
– good league starter
– decent clear speed should you self-cast
– safe clear speed in case you cast on skeletons
– doesn’t rely on flasks
– in the situation of danger gives instant escape when you deal with to get some corpses in a great spot near to you

-difficult to perform (undoubtedly not a single button establish)
-maxing your gear may possibly sink some currency
-not super tanky

Talent Gems:
Dark Pact (needs lvl 28, readily available from act 3)
– Wither (necessitates lvl ten, readily available from act 1)
Summon Skeleton (calls for lvl 10, obtainable from act 1)
– Spell Totem (demands lvl 8, available from act 1)
– Lightning Warp (involves lvl 10, available from act 1)
– Less Duration (demands lvl 31, readily available from act 3)
– Swift Affliction (demands lvl 31, readily available from act 3)
– Warlord’s Mark (needs lvl 24, offered from act 3)
– Assassin’s Mark (requires lvl 22, offered from act 3)
– Enfeeble (requires lvl 24, offered from act 3)
– Blasphemy (involves lvl 31, out there from act 3)

Key – Soul from the Brine King. Choose your minor dependant upon a boss you gonna battle towards.

Pob Link: https://pastebin.com/tc6MvDjr
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/yanrbsxw
Example link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2028063

[POE 3.3 Essence Drain Build]Queen of Chaos Lahkesiis Essence Drain


+ Incredibly higher Chaos Injury
+ Extremely large Damage Over Time
+ Really Tanky
+ Do Any map mod
+ All Articles
+ LHC/SC/SSC Viable
+ Insane Sum of Health Regen
+ Can do Map Gamers have no Mana Regeneration.

– Not the Faster Map clearer But quickly

1. Void Beacon
2. Profane Bloom
3. Wicked Ward
4. Malediction

Major Gods:
Soul of Solaris
Soul of Arakaali

Minor Gods:
Soul of Yugul
Soul of Garukhan
Soul of Gruthkul
Soul of Tukohama

Significant Gods
Soul of Lunaris

Minor Gods
Soul of Garukhan

%increased greatest Energy Shield
%increased Chaos Injury
%increased Spell Harm
%increased Spell Harm although holding a shield
%increased Injury More than Time

Circlet 40% elevated Essence Drain Harm OR 30% Decreased Arctic Armour mana reservation
Boot Regenerate 1% of Life and Mana per 2nd should you were Hit Not too long ago
Gloves Set off Decree of Frost on destroy

POE 3.3 Queen of Chaos Lahkesiis Showcase 

Pob Website link:https://tinyurl.com/ydcb4yjn
Talent Tree:https://tinyurl.com/ydcb4yjn
Instance Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1963181

[POE 3.3 Essence Drain Build]Power Charge, Essence Drain Occultist

This can be an Essence Drain develop to the Occultist which explores employs to the new staff Cane of Unraveling, new alterations in ascendancy ability Forbidden Electrical power, along with the previous wand Void Battery Prophecy Wand.

– Good boss killer
– Shaper viable
– Quite large power shield regen
– No reflected damage has taken
– Pretty tanky
– The very good balance between offense and defense
– Enjoyable to perform, as a result of numerous skill combos used

– Slow clear speed
– Not the incredibly higher injury to the expense
– Requires many gear swapping for making it operate

Leveling Guidebook:
Spell Totem > Wither > More quickly Casting > Enhanced Duration
I’d contact it mandatory for many Chaos harms builds. It takes away chaos resist. Considering that it is difficult to scale Essence Drain every other way, this one among a couple of matters you have got going to suit your needs harm sensible.
– Contagion
Contagion > Arcane Surge > Enhanced Duration
This can be intended to be utilized with Essence Drain, it permits you to consider out mobs. An additional possibility, which I don’t imagine can be a superior one particular, will be to use a number of projectiles help and fail to remember about using Contagion. But that might hurt your damage making killing bosses more challenging. I also use this to set off Arcane Surge.
– Orb of Storms
Orb of Storms > Curse on hit > Enfeeble > Decay
Only an excellent defensive device. Eliminate this if you get to Shaper even though, curses never perform nicely on him.

Forge of your Pheonix Demo

Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/Vc748tvW
Talent Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y7x3m4ql
Example Hyperlink:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2149153

[POE 3.3 Freezing Pulse Build]Winds of Winter: Very low LifestyleLimit


This build is just not sensible, is not really meta, is not expense effective, and could possibly only be a good thought for wealthy players in the Typical league. But it is crazy fun and met my aims of exceeding Rainbownuke’s power level even though including plenty of Magic Discover (Item Amount + Item Rarity)!

– Strong DPS and Defense. Close to 1M raw Shaper DPS (no conditional flasks/etc), and all-around 9-10K ES with $$$$$ legacy gear in Regular. About 720K raw Shaper DPS and 8K ES with acceptable gear within a Short-term League.
– Major Tier clear speed for mapping
– Going Minimal Life enables the build to run great Magic Uncover with no sacrificing anything at all even though clearing maps. 44% IIQ/100% IIR + Bisco’s Collar attainable in Common. 16% IIQ/70% IIR + Bisco’s Collar possible in leagues without the need for any sacrifices.
– Can do all maps/map bosses/map mods except for maps with Elemental Reflect
– Farms Elder and Elder Guardians extremely conveniently. T15 Elder is no dilemma.
– Capable of performing Guardians/Shaper very easily. Uber Elder is just not as well negative for those who know the battle.

– This construct can get wildly expensive and its suitable gear is legacy Vitality Shield gear in Regular alongside some really pricey uniques. It is not spending budget friendly and you might struggle to have ample Vitality Shield in short-term leagues (seven.5-8k is possibly the temp league ceiling without the need of sacrificing DPS).
– Freezing Pulse nevertheless has a couple clunky ability mechanics that make it clumsy in some maps, like Torture Chamber, by using a large number of narrow doorways.
– Can really feel like a glass cannon if undergeared.
– Calls for a higher level character to carry out optimally. I understand you could degree with Freezing Pulse but this guide is not really for a leveling build.

Consider Wicked Ward, Vile Bastion, and Forbidden Electrical power. Then get two 8% ES nodes.
Occultist would be the only real option here. Cost-free electrical power charge generation, 250 flat ES, Stun Immunity and a substantial improvement to survivability using the ES recharge on the kill.

Help Alira to acquire a bonus for your Crit Multiplier, Mana Regeneration, and Resists.

Major God: Soul of Lunaris (steer clear of chained projectiles is helpful)
Small God: Soul of Shakari (quite useful for being poison immune)

Pob Website link:https://pastebin.com/DJDsQ4wp
Talent Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y8gcxue3
Example Website link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2157796

[POE 3.3 Righteous Fire Build]ila’s Rank 1 Hybrid/Low Life Righteous Fire Occultist

This establishes is definitely an up to date model of Aila’s SSFHC RF develop, who reached rank 1 in Abyss and Bestiary.
Note that this make was originally intended for SSFHC, that means the gear necessary is very affordable. This build is intended for mapping and not for end-game bossing.

This make takes benefit of Occultist’s Vile Bastion ascendancy to forego daily life regen nodes.
The ascendancy offers “1% of Power Shield Regenerated per 2nd for each Enemy You’ve Killed Not long ago, up to 30%”, meaning place a lot more factors into tackiness and harm as opposed to regen.
The “Cannot Be Stunned though you may have Vitality Shield” means do not require a Presence of Chayula.

Profane Bloom gives a significant quantity of clear pace with its max daily life explosions and
Malediction during the early game can make enemies deal 10% less injury to increase our survivability.

Occultist naturally will get big quantities of ES and will get up to triple curses for high DPS.
Since RF scales with ES and life, finding more ES automatically signifies more DPS.

– Extremely quickly mapping – End-game mapping clip
– Substantial Tankiness – 8-11k EHP
– Affordable gear because initially made for SSF
– Scales well into endgame mapping
– Un-stunnable from ascendancy
– Satisfying Profane Bloom explosion chains
– Can run all map mods such as -max res and no recovery

– Leveling just isn’t beginner-friendly
– Operating maps with negative density or layouts are usually awkward
– Capping chaos res with hybrid construct is usually irritating
– Requirements STR and DEX on gear
– Reduced flask fees map mod demands management
– Boss killing is worse when compared to other Ascendancies
– Very low life establish involves a shaved

Leveling Guide:
Lvl 1-12
Use Explosive Trap, 3L Freezing Pulse – Arcane Surge – Extra Lightning, Frost Bomb.
Freezing pulse has large harm and may freeze for safety.

Lvl 12-36
Alter to Fire Nova Mines, Firestorm or Fire Trap dependant upon your preference.
Fire Nova Mines – Minefield – Extra Lightning/Elemental Focus – Fire Penetration
Firestorm – Quicker Casting/Spell Echo – Managed Destruction – Elemental Focus – Extra Lightning
Fire Trap – Multi Trap – Added Lightning – Combustion
Include support hyperlinks when you are able to.

Lvl 36+
4L Vaal Righteous Fire – Burning Harm – Elemental Concentrate – Conc. Result
3L Blasphemy – Poacher’s Mark (Lvl 1) – Flammability(once you get your second curse)
3L Shield Charge – Speedier Attacks – Fortify
2L Orb of Storms – Inc. Crit Strikes (If you have Ele. Overload and Ele. Equilibrium)
1S Taunt Totem
Get Arctic Armour as quickly as possible and use a scepter for shield charge.

Early Game
Profane Bloom -> Malediction
The extra curse from Malediction helps with flask sustain from Poacher’s Mark.

Arakaali – 5% less DoT
Shakari – Less chaos damage is taken. Immune to poison when upgraded.
Gruthkul – If you are minimal existence and do not care about chaos damage.
Early game use Ryslatha for lifestyle flask sustain


Gem Backlinks:
Vaal Righteous Fire
5L Vaal Righteous Fire – Burning Damage – Elemental Focus – Efficacy – Conc. Effect/Inc. AoE
6L Vaal Righteous Fire – Burning Injury – Elemental Emphasis –
Arcane SurgeSwift Affliction – Conc. Effect/Inc. AoE
RF may be socketed into a helmet if it’s the correct elder mods (Burning Damage+Conc. Result)
Swap Inc. AoE with Conc. Impact throughout the grace time period for bosses.
6 website link is luxury and only gives ~16% far more damage

4L Shield Charge – Faster Attacks – Fortify – Existence Get on Hit
You’ll need some technique to regain daily life from chaos damage and Vaal Righteous Fire.
Socket this into your helm in order that The Broken Crown’s cast on death help isn’t going to make
other spells uncastable.
4L Immortal Call (Lvl 3) – CWDT (Lvl one) – Enhanced Duration – Vaal Discipline
When you have Overcharged, come to feel absolutely free to increase the degree of CWDT.
Be sure you have Vaal Discipline for your boss.
Before respec, Vaal Grace can be used as a substitute.

1S Flame Dash
The two-hybrid and minimal existence can run triple curse,
the main difference is the fact that hybrid must sacrifice running Purity of Fire.
Curse priority goes Flammability -> Despair -> Elemental Weakness
During the Earlygame in advance of respect, the developers can run an additional defensive curse setup
4L Blasphemy – Flammability – Poacher’s Mark – Enfeeble

Pob Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/Gv8Tkxyb
Ability Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y9bs4vze
Instance Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2163440


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