POE 3.3 Builds With Devon’s Shocking Lawnmower

Very simple, Spin to win and Shock all the things!


Quite possibly the most significant interaction is needless to say creating though wielding a Starforge. Every time you crit you the shock. Noting that the more HP the enemy has the significantly less productive it is, but considering that you perform 5.5 attacks/s with a ~35% crit opportunity it ends up remaining reasonably consistent.

Considering the fact that we’re purely physical the slayer ascendancy makes it possible for 100% bodily reflect immunity. With that, we’re ready to perform most map mods without having to fear about any type of reflection.

The other notable difference from other builds is the utilization of IM presence in which our Vulnerability + Blasphemy setup becomes free, which lets us make use of blood magic with loads of existence even devoid of Kaom’s Heart even though preserving a substantial quantity of DPS.

1.Pros and Cons

2.Leveling Guide



5.Main Links


7.Pob Link and Skill Tree Link

Pros and Cons:
+ works on a spending budget
+ boss killer
+ can do all map mods except “cannot leech” which can be particularly rare
+ high sustain (leech)
+ tanky (7k+ existence)
+ quite certain it’s HC viable

– maxing out relatively costly (*cough*Starforge*Cough*)
– totem is usually a bit squishy
– often spin for too long 😀

Leveling Guide:
Basic recommendations:
– prioritize Existence and Resistances -> a very good commencing item is Goldrim, it is possible to mainly wear it to maps using the resists it presents, afterward you want an armor based helm with existence and resists
– boots should have motion speed -> Wanderlust certainly are a terrific choice for beginning out, later on equipping armor boots with Movespeed, life and some resistances
– don’t forget to help keep updating your Weapon/s (as with any assault ability)
– hyperlinks are vital, additional backlinks a lot more injury -> at Act I you’ll want to have a 3L, at Act III a 4L and all around Act V for those who get lucky or purchase one particular (should not be also highly-priced) buy a 5L chest and throw an alcohol/essence on it.

In the really start off go with Dual Wield (2x 1h weapons) and take Molten strike. Attempt to get a 3-link somewhere so it bargains correct harm. Test to help it with Extra fire + Ruthless, you can want 3 red sockets for that. When you see a large pack of monster clear them and keep going, the Molten strike is wonderful for single target also. Recall considering Leap slam to get ready to jump across gaps or ledges. Don’t overlook to update your weapons along the way in which.

As soon as you will get the Siren’s Cadence quest Nessa will give you Sunder, I suggest you take that and equip it instead of the Molten strike. It is also preferable to maintain making use of Dual Wield unless you may have great leveling two-handers (2H) like Shiversting, Edge of Madness, Ringwald’s Charge. At least till you get Cyclone in act 3.

In act 2, select up Herald of Ash, Faster Attacks for Leap slam and Melee Bodily damage for Sunder. You almost certainly won’t possess a 4L nevertheless but that is the subsequent help you’ll want to equip after you get it. You can use Herald of Ash while leveling even alongside blood magic (if you’ve taken the many nodes behind it).

The moment you will get to act 3 obtain a 4-link item. Hold checking the store for 4Ls and watch if a 4L drops from monsters. The cyclone is really a Green gem and on account of the 4L item will be colored GRRR. Additionally, Ruthless cannot assistance Cyclone so you should switch Ruthless for Melee Physical Damage. Now your 4L item should be linked like this: Cyclone + Added Fire + Melee Bodily + Maim.

If you’ve followed the passive tree the right way you must have no mana challenges because Blood magic requires away your lifestyle rather than mana and we took Lifestyle Leech (building Cyclone cost-free).

At this point focus on 2H weapons. Just aim for higher physical harm and/or assault speed.

Once you destroy Piety or finish act 3 you can go and resolve all the trials and do the standard labyrinth.

At act four take Cast When Harm Taken and slap the Ice golem on it. Try to get your resistances as substantial as is possible in preparation for act 5.

Act 5+ aim to obtain a 5L (chest ideally) so you do all the more damage. The hyperlinks that have a 5L should be like this: Cyclone + Brutality + Melee Phys + Maim + Elevated AoE/Concentrated Impact, which suggests the colors need to be GRRRB. Note that Brutality negates the extra injury from Herald of Ash so you can take away it (which is why there may be no Additional fire both), generally, you are going to drop a bit an of injury but get your reserved life back 🙂

All around act 6 the weapon Ringwald’s Charge is usually a great asset.

Soon after finishing the Fallen from Grace quest you will have entry to all gems from Lani. From right here on out try out to set up the gems as I have them listed under from the gear part. It truly is not particularly significant but you need to have it done through the time you reach maps, aka the finish of act ten.

At act 7 you can get the rest of the trials and go for the Cruel labyrinth.

In advance of going for Kitava in act 10, you can attempt to perform the Merciless Lab due to the fact you won’t have Kitava’s curse nevertheless.

Soul of Arakaali – for that added recovery which synergizes great along with your Leech.
Ryslatha > Shakari / Gurukhan / Gruthkul

Ryslatha is good for refilling your Worms / Blood on the Karui and using that clutch flask.
Shakari will help when you get rolls like “poison on the hit”.
Gurukhan offers some weak evasion that’s walled behind a “when you get a savage hit” issue but movespeed can be helpful dodging massive things.
Grutkhul is somewhat steady tankiness.

For Mapping: Lunaris + Gurukhan – Just for the moving velocity (gotta go fast).

Proposed – Destroy all – two passive nodes (really something will work, I choose two more nodes)

Main Links:
Because the 3.3 update we can use Vaal techniques in lieu of the regular versions, but it does not fully weed out the regular versions because the common goes to 21/20 which in our situation provides us a nice improvement to AoE. Possessing said that I nevertheless think that the new Vaal Cyclone of 20/20 is going to be no less than two occasions much better than a standard 21/20. There’s no explanation to not equip an extra 6L if you’re able to. And which is what the Vaal 20/20 gem will do, you’ll have a 6L common + Vaal version of Cyclone. As such I am updating the backlinks to accommodate the transform.

Also the following testing just a little bit, as an alternative to using the Elevated Place of Effect support I’ve been working with Greater Important Strikes for mapping. Turns out you do not get rid of that much AoE but obtain a sizable quantity of DPS + ~20% additional shock likelihood. I remarkably advise utilizing it when mapping and also bossing as much as T15. But it’s up to the preference of the consumer so I will leave both setups under, you then make your mind up whether or not you want a lot more AoE or possibly a bit extra damage and shock.

1. Vaal Cyclone (6L) = Brutality > Melee Phys > Maim > Conc Effect/AoE > Crit Damage
-if you’ve got a 5L but never have Starforge and crit nodes then use Conc Effect/AoE in advance of Significant harm as Crit harm won’t be accomplishing substantially
-if you have a 5L and have Starforge with crit nodes then use crucial harm before Conc Effect/AoE. This buy presumes you’re creating constantly, aka crit damage will do superior overall

2. Vaal Cyclone (6L) = Brutality > Melee Phys > Maim > Crit Harm > Crit Chance/Conc Impact
-Increased Essential Strikes as an alternate towards the AoE gem (this setup presumes you might have Starforge and crit nodes)
Ancestral Warchief (5L+1S or 6L) = Brutality + Conc Result + Melee Phys + Maim + Portal/Ruthless
-if you’ve got a 6L then Ruthless in lieu of Portal


Pob Hyperlink:https://pastebin.com/ui4qH0tt
Ability Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y7topcyh

Commonly, they may be not worth the problems for reasons which might be adequate inside the extended run. Whilst they may be beneficial for players who could know practically nothing regarding the game. For by far the most element, they may be understanding tools for newcomers to ease them into the game. For additional Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you may go to U4gm.com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code free of charge from the reps when you Purchase Poe Currency order from this article.


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