POE 3.3 Builds For The Coward’s Double Strike

The Build For character is a Gladiator named Uber_Meme_Viable using only Double strike for both clear and single target. We manage to get some really good damage with a unique interaction between the Coward’s Legacy unique belt and some other unique items that add properties while you are on low life. The Belt curses us with Vulnerability which is usually a bad thing in exchange for the “Low Life” status. We counter the negative effects of the belt with a Watcher’s Eye to gain full benefits from it and activate “Low Life” mods on other items (Dreadbeak and Daresso’s Shield).
The clear is handled with a combination of Ancestral Call, Melee Splash and the bleed explosions coming from the gladiator ascendancy. This can be a bit of a pain for some players to swap gems for single target but for my personal experience, I didn’t need to swap to heavy single target until T14 – T15 maps.
Pros and Cons:
+ Decent Clear Speed
+ Tanky with all the block coming from the Gladiator ascendancy
+ You only need to dodge the heavy hits (just in case)
+ Shaper and Guardians are a breeze (all done deathless just care about chimera)
+ Can start really cheap and clear all read maps without any problem
+ Leveling is easy

– Requires a lot of unique items so capping resistances can be a bit of a struggle)
Gem Swap for heavy bosses
– Gratuitous Violence
– Blood in the Eyes (for faster clear and damage)
– Painforged
– Violent Retaliation
Chose Oak but you can kill all for the 2 extra points it’s up to your personal preference.
Gem Links:
Double Strike – Multistrike – Melee Physical Damage – Brutality – Ruthless – Maim
Swap Ruthless and Maim for Melee Splash and Ancestral Call for clear.
Determination – Haste – Enlighten
Ancestral Warchief – Brutality – Melee Physical Damage – Bloodlust
CwdT – Blood Rage – Tempest Shield
Whirling Blades – Faster Attacks – Fortify – Blood Magic
If you are using IM presence :
Vulnerability – Blasphemy
For convenience : 
You can fit in a Vaal Lightning Trap to shock bosses and gain some extra damage.
Numbers and Mechanics:
With my current setup Double Strike deals about 450k Shaper DPS.
The Vaal version is at 70k per clone (count it times 4 which is about 280k DPS).
Ancestral Warchief is at 105k Shaper DPS
During the time lapse where all is active at once you deal around 835k Shaper DPS.
Deathless Shaper Run
Phoenix (-max res and extra projectiles)
Commonly, they are not worth the trouble for motives which are sufficient inside the extended run. Whilst they’re useful for players who may well know nothing at all about the game. For one of the most element, they are learning tools for newbies to ease them into the game. For more Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you’ll be able to check out U4gm.com. Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code totally free from the reps should you Acquire Poe Currency order from this short article.

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