POE 3.4 Builds Juggernaut Righteous Fire/Scorching Ray Marauder


Intro & Build Description
Righteous Fire builds are usually hailed for their ability to do most of the content effortlessly because of their great survivability and ability to deal damage uninterrupted. This relatively cheap RF Juggernaut is not an exception – it has great clear speed, damage and life pool which will play great in Delve league.

Pros and Cons:
+ Very tanky
+ Can do all the content in the game and without a doubt will perform well in Delve league
+ Can use shield charge and move around quickly
– Can be a bit slow to start with in new league, but it’s manageable

Passive Trees:
[3.4] Skill Tree will be added shortly before league starts

Bandits Quest Choice
Help Oak

Ascendancy Skill Points:
Labyrinth 1 – Unbreakable
Labyrinth 2 – Unflinching
Labyrinth 3 – Unrelenting


Skill Gem Setup:

– Righteous Fire
– Elemental Focus Support
– Efficacy Support
– Burning Damage Support

– Vitality
– Purity of Fire
– Purity of Ice
– Enlighten Support (LVL 4)

1H Wwapon:
– Scorching Ray
– Efficacy Support
– Burning Damage Support

Offhand Weapon/Shield:
– Ball Lightning / Orb of Storms
– Increased Critical Strikes
– Enduring Cry


Build Uniques/Example Rare Gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade

Helmet(Rare Shaper Helm)
Look for rare Shaped helm that has “socketed gems deal 30% more elemental damage” option. Ideally you’d want that with “socketed gems are supported by level x Burning Damage”, but that’s more end-game option because it can be expensive to craft or buy. At the beginning just buy white shaped helmet and use Essence of Horror on it.

Body Armour(Kaom’s Heart)
aom’s Heart is one of the best chests for Righteous Fire builds because they don’t need as many sockets as other builds. Chest also gives you huge life pool and some fire damage to go with it.

Gloves(Rare Gloves)
Look for rare boots with 30% movement speed, high life and resistances. Ideally you should also have “Regenerate 2% of life and mane per second if you were hit recently” lab enchant on them.

Boots(Rare Boots)
Look for rare boots with 30% movement speed, high life and resistances. Ideally you should also have “Regenerate 2% of life and mane per second if you were hit recently” lab enchant on them.

Left Ring(Kaom’s Way)
2x Kaom’s Way rings are essential for the build because they give us life regeneration for each Endurance Charge. Since Juggernaut has a lot of Endurance Charges, these rings give tons of regen.

Note: make sure you do not get scammed, people often try to scam you by trading you Kaom’s Sign which is not one we need.

Right Ring(Kaom’s Way)
We need 2 of these rings.

Amulet(Bloodgrip / Rare Elder Marble Amulet)
Good amulet to start with would be Bloodgrip. It’s cheap and gives us some life regeneration and life.
Ideal amulet would be Elder Marble amulet with % life regeneration crafted on it.

Belt(Rare Elder belt)
Look for belt with high life and resistances.
Ideal belt would be Elder belt with “x% increased life recovery rate”, because it would affect our global regeneration and reduce Righteous Fire degen.

1Hand Weapon(Doryani’s Catalyst)
Doryani’s Catalyst is great all-around weapon for the build.
Cheap alternative would be Balefire.

Offhand(Rise of The Phoenix / Saffel’s Frame)
There are 2 good shield choices – Rise of The Phoenix and Saffel’s Frame.
My suggestion would be to go for Rise of The Phoenix early and switch to Saffel’s when you can comfortably sustain Righteous Fire degen.

Jewel(Jewel Setup)
On jewels look for:
1.) Increased maximum life / to maximum life (Abyss Jewels)
2.) Increased burning / fire / area damage
3.) Increased Damage over time
4.) Attributes if you are lacking

Jewel(Might of The Meek)
Put this jewel in slot under constitution keystone.

Jewel(Watcher’s Eye)
When you have some more currency, I’d strongly suggest investing in Vitality Watcher’s Eye.
Look for increased life recovery rate or flat regeneration one.

Flask(Flask setup)
Look for following flasks:
1.) Instant Recovery Life Flask
2.) Forbidden Taste
3.) Witchfire Brew
4.) Quicksilver Flask
5.) Ruby Flask with burning removal for emergencies

Inspired by U4gm’s builds on forums.At final,For by far one of the most element, they may be understanding tools for newcomers to ease them in towards the game. For considerably far more Path of Exile 3.4 Builds, you will be capable of go to U4gm.com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code at no expense in the reps should you Acquire Poe Currency and POE Exalted Orb order from this article.


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