Lively and detailed POE 3.4 Witch Necromancer Builds


[POE 3.4 Necromancer]Hight Survivability For Zombiemancer Build

The aim of this construct was to produce a pure Zombie build that feels as smooth as you possibly can to map with while at the same time is in a position to do all content inside the game.
You dont need to cast any spells with this develop, almost everything is automated, the only thing you may have to do is Shield Charge proper into almost everything, you’ve got enough survivability to tank virtually almost everything.

3.4 Update:
The minion nodes between the Witch and the Templar got changed, this means we gained
28% increased minion damage
7% increased minion attack speed
23% increased attack speed
0.5% life regeneration
1% minion life regeneration
16% increased minion life

+ a great Leaguestarter if you play with your friends
+ can start with minimal Investment and support all Endgame
+ purges the Atlas from Xenos for the Glory of the Emperor
+ doesn’t give a damn about physical Damage
+ tanky

– Playstyle is not for everyone (but you already knew that)
– vulnerable to Elemental Damage at the start of mapping
– not fun to level solo as this build
– lefthanded

Main Skill: Raise Zombie

Kill all of them

Soul of Lunaris:
The phys reduction when shield charging into enemies and the chain immunity make this the best one.

Soul of Shakari:
Chaos damage reduction and poison immunity is really good for this build, since it uses Zealot’s Oath.

T16 Lair of the Hydra Map

Pob Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

[POE 3.4 Necromancer]Detailed Physical Skeletons All Content Build

This develop makes a fantastic league starter, Noob friendly, simple to obtain things and gems, and having a super relaxed playstyle. Delve is now released, and despite a host of new tree nodes, products and gems, nothing seems in a position to improve on the synergy of this make. So kick it off, enjoy, and stay tuned for U4gm forum posters to provide new create variations, videos and vibrant ideas. A pure melee minion construct employing rapid moving Skeletons and Zombies. Remain alive the quick way. Beefy life primarily based defenses, with higher regen and decent mitigation from all damage sources. Clear quick with 100% increased movement speed, and couple of button pushes.

3.4 Update:
3.4 actually has zero suggested changes right now.
You have the choice of taking more damage nodes.
That new Righteous Aid (templar area) cluster is about 10 nodes for 14K damage per zombie, 23K damage per skellie, Plus 10% move speed and 1.4K health per zombie. All up about a 20% increase in damage, while forfeiting about 950 health and a bit of armour.

Soul of Solaris gives the best mix of defences
Soul of Lunaris is good also if you plan on hanging back and kiting projectiles
Soul of Garukhan is the best minor god, for a bit of move speed and evasion.

Commander of Darkness > Invoker > Bone Sculptor > Flesh Binder
This is very optional, but I just love having those early resists from commander of darkness. It means your defences are in place and your item choices are much wider for the early game.

T15 sunken city

T14 map run

Pob Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


[POE 3.4 Necromancer]Latest and Popular Delve The Queen of Summone Build

This can be a WIP create to showcase a variation around the TV/Flame Golem Summoner. Its really robust and may do all content material inside the game deathless with Quite higher dps and pretty much immortal minions. This isn’t a low-cost setup nevertheless it is often carried out on a semi spending budget having a equivalent outcome.

For the duration of leagues you wont have access to Aspect from the Spider so a slight alter to pathing instead taking the early mana regen nodes / MOM (mind over matter) and the close mana% and regen nodes and altering your running auras to haste + clarity. This will offer you a lot more required EHP in the course of leagues exactly where the tip prime gear isn’t generally accessible.

+ Everything is – Blinded, Hindered, Taunted, Shocked AND Has Temp chains and Flamability Curse… WHEW LAD.
7k Life 1.2k ES Life only.
+ 6.5k Life 2k Mana MOM/Life verison.
+ Solid Block Values. *75/50 Standard version. 70-75/30-35 3.3 Leagues Depending on shield/amulet.
+ High Life Regen upto 2k.
+ Almost Zero Risk. *Depends how slack you play.
+ Haste, Aspect of the Spider (standard only) Can replace with herald or instead go MOM and use clarity over AA, Arctic Armor (standard only)
All the hardest content in the game done with ease.

– Its not wander levels of speed.

Main Skill: Haste,Arctic Armour

Bandits: Kill All.

Hydra Boss 

Shaper Full

PoB Link:
Example Link:

[POE 3.4 Necromancer]New Player For Pure Phys Skeleton Build

The 3.4 changes have already been a compact buff towards the create. A little of clear speed from the Shield Charge nerf, get quite a bit of that back on account of obtaining a whole lot much more attack speed on tree (because of the new Spiritual Command node), obtain a good deal of damage, and can throw away the majority of the To Dust due to extra effective pathing together with the new minion nodes. Skeletons gain a little of harm, zombies get quite a bit a lot more damage, player stats remain roughly precisely the same. Develop is actually a bit more affordable (and also easier to perform in SSF) using the removal with the To Dusts and Brightbeak.

+ The easiest million DPS develop you’ll ever make. At level 80, with 18/0 gems, practically literally no gear and no PoB trickery, the make reaches 1.04 million Shaper DPS if each minion hits the exact same target. See for your self. You usually do not must devote currency, you do not need to be great at the game, you really don’t must do something particular. All bosses (as much as and including Shaper) just melt. You will get no less than two million Shaper DPS should you push the construct with a handful of ex of currency, and over double that when Vaal Summon Skeletons is active.
+ Low cost. You will get to red maps very easily on 20 chaos of gear, and do all content material comfortably on about 2 ex worth of gear.
+ Entirely physical harm, so no difficulties with higher boss elemental resistances.
+ Quick movement due to Shield Charge and also the massive lump of attack speed granted by the Spiritual Command passive node. You are largely restricted by waiting for your minions to kill things, but clear speed continues to be above average.
+ Decently tanky. This develop doesn’t use auras for harm, so we can go Thoughts more than Matter and get about 8k EHP. Obviously you also have an army of minions (22 within the complete make) to tank for you personally, and 10% physical harm reduction courtesy of the zombies.
+ No spectres necessary. This develop only makes use of skeletons and zombies, meaning that you simply do not need to cope with any with the difficulties spectre builds do with regards to raising the best mobs at the suitable level. And if some thing dies, it is possible to just summon it appropriate back. No dramas.
+ Can do all content material and all map mods, despite the fact that phys reflect is really a chore and no regen could be a little hazardous.
+ Surprisingly very good at lab operating. See note in “Playstyle”.

– Clear speed isn’t going to become pretty as superior as screen-clearing spectres or golems, in particular if you do not have Worry jewelry.
– A couple of bosses just melt your minions instantly and are essentially not possible for the create. Atziri trio are the worst offenders.
– Need to level as a distinct build (SRS) unless you might have access to twinking gear.

Main Skill:Vaal Summon Skeletons

Bandits:Kill All.

Every major god has potential usefulness to the build. However, Suggest Brine King for the stun resistance. Helps you get out of tight spots. Also get Lunarius upgraded with “Avoid projectiles that have chained”, so you can swap to it for chain maps. For minor gods, Gruthkul provides the most.

T14 Dark Forest run

Red Elder (T14)

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

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