The Most Popular POE 3.4 Templar Guardian Builds Part 1

The Guardian is surely an Ascendancy class for Templars.Guardians are a impressive solution for tank/support Templars devoted to partying, possessing passives with an emphasis on enhancing and guarding a celebration. Guardians can specialize in Auras, granting as much as 4 extra special and effective defensive auras to their party, as well as charge generation and sharing. As being a solo character, they’ve got access to periodical, potent defensive and minion bonuses suiting builds that fight alongside their minions, specifically Herald of Purity.


[POE 3.4 Guardian]Dominating Blow “Call to Arms” League Starter Build

If you are searching for a prime tier league starter build. A establish that is certainly viable in the two hardcore & softcore.Extremely cheap make with TONS of upgradable options for end-game.
If you prefer a make guide that has a video linked to it.Then this make can solve what you need.This establish only needs a weapon with increased attack speed where the optimal choice would be a Brightbeak. Outside of this using gear with as much life & resistances on as possible which makes the chest piece choice very easy & rather logical, it being a Belly of the Beast!

Main Skill:Summon Stone Golem

Kill them all, they don’t grant anything worth the skillpoints you’d lose

Major God:
– Soul of the Brine King
Helps you avoid getting chain stunned.

The priority is incredibly straight forward for this develop;
You start with taking up the minion oriented nodes which starts of with: Radiant Crusade, just after this you get the 2nd minion node which can be: Unwavering Crusade.

Minor God:
– Soul of Shakari
Makes you immune to poison damage if you upgrade it.

Defensive Stats:
1. Life
2. Mana
3. Resistances
4. Strength

Offensive Stats:
1. Minion Damage
2. Minion Attack Speed
Dominating Blow


PoB Link:

Skill Tree:
37 Points:
51 Points:
88 Points:

Example Link:
[POE 3.4 Guardian]Victario’s Influence For Toasters HC Guardian Support Build

The develop make use of numerous diverse layers of defense vs. chaos harm:
– All over 1.3k lifestyle with 75% chaos res -> Equal to all around 9k Existence with -60% chaos res.
– Thoughts over Matter with over 200 Mana Regen and 10 Mana unreserved minimizes the chaos injury with time by 30% (you generally loose a whole lot mana, but due to the large mana regen your mana is often complete)
– Pantheon: Soul of Shakari -> 25% reduced chaos damage from caustic clouds, 5% decreased chaos harm taken
– More than 150 life regen

3.4 Update:
Guardian Ascendancy got 2 new nodes, which buff the new Herald of Purity by a large quantity. Mainly you can modify the tree a little, pick the two nodes and Herald of Purity in the 4l (perhaps essence crafted, so it could obtain a probable 5l) and carry maps in your own in a slow tempo. In this case you would loose ES and Mana for sure, and also the pure assistance skills would suffer. Only do that, if you can not locate a carry or for anyone who is in adore with minions! Some techniques, one example is Vaal Grace, Haste etc. is usually utilised promptly now.Vaal Ability Prevention time is now increased by talent result duration -> Vaal Grace can not be employed permanently any longer.Shield Charge does not scale with neighborhood attack velocity modifiers on your weapon any longer. So Prismatic Eclipse is likely the way in which to go.

+ Extremely high offensive and defensive boost
+ 7-10k ES affordable (& ~1.2k life)
+ Very budgetfriendly (you can start with a budget of 10c)
+ Very easy to get your Endgame equipment ready (more details in gear section)
+ Offers better defenses and offenses than a support with Shavronne’s Wrappings
+ Extremely good defenses vs chaos damage (a lot better than Necromancer -> Explanation in “How to deal with chaos damage”)

– No regen maps are very annoying to run
– Gameplay is for some player not as smooth as Shavs support, because chaos damage bypass ES -> have to take care of your life pool very rarily
– Need necessarily 3 uniques to get going (Alphas Howl, Prism Guardian, Victarios Influence)
– No curses anymore in the base setup, since I always had a curser with me – You can easily swap in 1 Curse, 2 Curses are possible as well, if you take Whispers of Doom

Main Skill:Summon Stone Golem

Kill them all.

Normal: Radiant Faith
Cruel: Unwavering Faith
Merciless: Harmony of Purpose
Uber Lab: Bastion of Hope

Major: Soul of the Brine King
Minor: Soul of Shakari – You can swap it out with Soul of Abberath on Burning Ground Maps


PoB Link:

Skill Tree:

Example Link:

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