POE 3.4 Delve Upgrades Improvements Guide

Infinite dungeon, here we come! Path of Exile’s new league has begun and Massively OP’s MJ can’t wait to Delve into it. After she meets with Niko the Mad, she’s hoping to acquire a good sum of sulphite so she can power that little rover for multiple trips down into the darkness. The question is, can she decide on a new character in time? Join us live at 9:00 p.m. for MJ’s first trip down into the depths of Delve.


The show is over now, but we’ve embedded it here just for you. Don’t forget to check out past streams and playlists posted to our videos collection!

If the world takes only one lesson from Path of Exile, it should be the virtue of improving things steadily based on feedback. Players have only just begun adventuring in the game’s new Delve league, but there are already extensive plans by the development team on improvements. One of those improvements is sharing upgrades across all characters in the league on a given account, but that’s just the start of what’s in development.

Obviously, some work is on fixing bugs, like Azurite occasionally getting stuck in the walls or crawlers teleporting away incorrectly. But other improvements are focused on quality of life, like making light radius improvements more impactful, making dynamite universally able to destroy a fractured wall, and more clearly pointing out some easily missed features. Check out the full list of upcoming changes to get a sense of what’s coming in the near future to make deep dives even more rewarding.

Delve Upgrades Content:
– Changing the EMP charge-up animation and adding effects so that it is much more clearly signalled.
– Sharing Azurite and Upgrades between characters in the same league on your account.
– Fixing the bug where Azurite gets stuck in walls.
– Fixing the bug where your light radius is sometimes visually displayed way too large, which confuses people into thinking the upgrade isn’t important. Also it causes monsters that are actually in the darkness to appear like they really should be damageable.
– Change it so that one Dynamite is always enough to destroy a Fractured Wall. This may make the Dynamite – – Damage upgrade sound pointless, but try using it on the monsters in really deep depths.
– Changing flares so that they light instantly, protecting you, and travel to the location that you targeted. They will still use instant-casting.
– Increasing the light radius of flares.
– Adding better hinting that a Fractured Wall is near to a specific location on the Crawler‘s path. Did you know that there’s always one in each cell that doesn’t have an encounter?
– Resolving the bug where sometimes the Crawler can teleport away, leaving you in darkness.

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