POE 3.4 Delve Latest Passive Tree Balance

Together with the introduction of numerous new holy-themed minion abilities, Path of Exile have worked the early Templar and Witch passive trees. These modifications let minion players place power into their minions a lot earlier than previously and provide much more exciting pathing choices later.


Path of Exile has also taken this opportunity to improve the pathing by way of the Templar tree, unifying quite a few of your attack, spell and elemental passive skills.

The Templar start’s upper path has been reworked. The two initial passive expertise now supply improved Damage (instead of enhanced Elemental Harm). The Melee Damage passive expertise around the reduced arc with the upper cluster has been replaced by 6% improved Attack Harm and 6% elevated Minion Damage passives.
The Retribution notable now grants 14% increased Harm (as opposed to 14% increased Spell Harm and 14% increased Melee Harm). This striking now also causes Minions to deal 10% improved Harm.
The little passives in the Amplify Cluster now grant 10% improved Area Damage (up from 8%). There’s a new passive connected towards the Amplify notable that grants 10% enhanced Area of Effect damage and allows players to exit north towards the Galvanic Hammer cluster.
There’s a new passive connected towards the Righteous Decree notable that grants 5% enhanced Maximum Mana and 3% reduced Mana Cost of Abilities, and permits players to exit south towards the Sanctuary cluster.
The Elementalist, Catalyse and Light of Divinity clusters happen to be merged into a single unholy group. Smaller Spell Damage and Weapon Elemental Damage passives have already been replaced with Elemental Harm passives.
Catalyse has been renamed Divine Fervour. Along with the 24% elevated Elemental Damage and +10 to Strength and Intelligence, it now grants 25% elevated Melee Vital Strike Possibility and causes Damage with Weapons to penetrate 3% of Elemental Resistance.
Elementalist has been renamed Holy Dominion. Along with +12% to all Elemental Resistances, 5% likelihood to Freeze, Shock and Ignite, and 12% elevated Elemental Damage (up from 10%), it now grants 12% raised Global Physical Damage.
The small passives major to Holy Dominion now grant 10% enhanced Elemental Damage (up from 8%).
Light of Divinity now grants 10% enhanced Light Radius (down from 20%), and 20% increased Crucial Strike Likelihood for Spells as well as the 15% improved Spell Harm, 4% improved Cast Speed, and +10 to Strength and Intelligence it previously granted.
The Elemental Harm passives in the Celestial Judgement/Celestial Punishment cluster now grant 8% elevated Elemental Harm (up from 6%). The first passive in this cluster now gives 10% raised Elemental Harm (up from 8%).
There’s a new cluster just north from the Celestial Judgement/Celestial Punishment cluster which grants Minion added benefits. In unique, the farthest node causes Increases and Reductions to Minion Harm to also impact you.
The Puppet Master and Herd the Flock minion clusters immediately north in the Templar start happen to be renamed to Sacrifice and Spiritual Command.
The Sacrifice cluster now grants a total of 30% enhanced Minion Maximum Life (down from 36%), +15% to Minion’s Elemental Resistances, Minions Regenerate 3% Life per second, and 0.5% of Life Regenerated per Second, split across three small passives as well as the notable. The extra Zombie and Skeleton from this notable have been moved for the Death Attunement unusual north of your Witch.
The Spiritual Command cluster now grants a total of 43% enhanced Minion Harm, 7% improved Attack Speed for minions, 7% elevated Cast Speed for Minions, and 40% increased Minion Accuracy Rating. The notable also causes increases and reductions to Minion Attack Speed to even have an effect on you. These benefits are split across three smaller passives and also a notable. The additional Zombie from this unusual has been moved to Grave Intentions.
The second passive on the right path from the Witch’s get started now grants 8% enhanced maximum Minion life along with 12% increased Maximum Power Shield.
The righthand arc with the Witch’s leftmost starting cluster now grants 4% high Cast Speed per passive (up from 3%).
The Mana and Mana Regeneration passives around the righthand arc of the Witch’s rightmost beginning cluster happen to be replaced by Minion Damage, Minion Attack Speed and Minion Cast Speed passives.
The Occultist’s Dominion notable has been renamed to Arcanist’s Dominion and now grants 5% enhanced Cast Speed (up from 4%).
The Lord with the Dead notable now also grants 30% improved Minion Accuracy Rating.
There is a new Mana cluster just above the Deep Wisdom notable which grants 31% improved Maximum Mana, 20% elevated Mana Regeneration Price, 20% elevated Mana Recovery from Flasks, and two Mana Regenerated per the second split across 2 modest passives plus the Arcane Will notable.
The northmost modest passive of your Arcane Focus cluster now also grants 5% increased Mana Regeneration Price.
Fire Walker, Lightning Walker and Frost Walker now every single grant 20% increased the damage of their respective elements (up from 18%). The passives immediately above them every single now grant 12% improved damage of their individual components (up from 10%). The Elemental Damage passives at either finish of this wheel now give 10% elevated Elemental Harm (up from 8%).
Grave Intentions, close to the Pain Attunement keystone, now grants +2 to the Maximum quantity of Zombies (up from +1).
Death Attunement, near the Minion Instability keystone, now also grants +1 to Maximum number of Skeletons and +1 to the Maximum variety of Zombies.
The little Region of Effect passives inside the Blast Radius cluster now every grant 10% enhanced Area of Impact (up from 8%).
Path of Exile has got added new clusters to the passive tree focusing on expanding the effect and utility of Warcries.
A brand new cluster, Words of Glory, has been added amongst the Marauder and also the Templar. It grants increases to Warcry Duration, Warcry Cooldown Recovery Speed, and Warcry Buff Effect. The notable also causes your Warcries to cost no mana, and grants you and nearby allies 6% improved Attack, Cast and Movement speed if you’ve Warcries recently.
A further cluster, Battle Cry, has been added close to the Unwavering Stance keystone. It presents increased Warcry Duration, increased Warcry Cooldown Recovery Speed, and elevated Warcry Buff Impact. The notable also tends to make working with Warcries Immediate.
To coincide with the new Chaos Damage bow abilities, Path of Exile have reviewed and adjusted several of the Poison and Bow passives about the Ranger.

The Fatal Toxins cluster involving the Shadow and the Ranger now grants a total of 65% improved Damage with Poison (down from 115%), but now also gives a total of 55% improved Chaos Damage with Attack Capabilities.
Master Fletcher and also the passive talent leading to it now grant increased Damage Over Time with Bow Capabilities, instead of enhanced Harm with Ailments from Attack Skills while Wielding a Bow.
Dirty Techniques now grants 25% enhanced Damage with Poison (down from 50%) but now also gives 25% elevated Chaos Damage with Attack Abilities. The passives top for the notable now grants improved Chaos Damage with Attack Capabilities instead of Increased Damage with Poison.
Toxic Strikes now grants 30% increased Chaos Damage with Attack Capabilities as opposed to elevated Harm with Poison. The smaller passive leading to it now gives 10% high Damage with Poison (down from 20%), and 10% enhanced Chaos Damage with Attack Skills.
Deadly Draw along with the passives leading to it now grants improved Harm over Time with Bow Skills, instead of enhanced Harm with Ailments from Attack Expertise though wielding a Bow.
Aspect from the Eagle, plus the passive skills around it, now also grant increased Damage more than Time with Bow Skills, instead of increased Harm with Ailments from Attack Expertise while wielding a Bow.
Lethality and also the passives top to it have had precisely the same therapy.
So possess the passives top to King of your Hill.
… and Avatar from the Hunt.


Alongside our broader changes to Block Opportunity and Spell Block Possibility, Path of Exile have reviewed the block passive capabilities and created some adjustments.

The leading two passives from the Sanctuary cluster (close to the Templar) now grant 2% chance to block Spell Damage in addition to their earlier +6% to Elemental Resistances though holding a Shield. They no longer provide an opportunity to prevent Attack Harm (see beneath).
The bottom two passives of your Sanctuary cluster now each grant +1% opportunity to block Attack Harm. So that’s precisely where it went.
The first passive within the Thoughts Barrier cluster (near the Witch) now grants 40% increased Block Recovery when the second now gives +2% Opportunity to block Spell Harm. The notable now allows +8% chance to prevent Spell Harm (up from 5%).
The very first passive from the Deflect cluster (near the Shadow) now also grants 1% opportunity to block Attack Damage, the second passive now gives +2% opportunity to prevent Spell Damage, along with the notable now also allows +4% chance to block Spell Harm.
The Whirling Barrier cluster (close to the Templar) now also grants opportunity to block Spell Harm whilst holding a staff at the very same values as the chance to prevent Attack Damage even though keeping a team it previously allowed (so, a total of +12% possibility to block Spell Harm and +12% possibility to block Attack Harm whilst holding a employees).

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