POE 3.4 Delve Introduction to the Labyrinth Guide

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The Labyrinth is actually a dungeon style map which has randomly generated layouts, puzzles, and prizes which can be all guarded by the final boss, Izaro. The player will have to face him three separate times when traversing the Labyrinth. You can find no portals, so in case you die, you will have to begin completely over.

Every single in the 7 characters has unique choices to Ascend to. Ascending increases the player’s abilities and strengths. You will need to full The Lord’s Labyrinth in order to achieve Ascendancy, the player’s key reward. This could be done within the final room, The Treasure Room, by interacting together with the Alter of Ascendancy. The Regular Labyrinth will permit the player to choose their Ascendancy and grant 2 Ascendancy Points. Each other Labyrinth will grant two additional Ascendancy Points providing a total of 8 points.

Trials of Ascendancy:
Every single Labyrinth is often accessed once all the Trials of Ascendancy have been completed for that difficulty. When the trials are completed, the player may perhaps access the Labyrinth in Act three, The Sarn Encampment. The Eternal Labyrinth needs a Supplying from the Goddess to open. They are found at the finish with the Eternal Trials that are randomly identified in maps.

Each trial is presented having a series of traps. These aids prepare the player for the dangers that lie ahead.

Izaro will be the creator and protector from the Lord’s Labyrinth. He is the final boss.

Puzzles and Gauntlets:
The Labyrinth includes quite a few Puzzles and Gauntlets. These contain various treasures.

Understanding Our Photos:
Now which you have an understanding of more regarding the Labyrinth and how it performs, let’s speak about how to study the pictures that we supply. We map out all four Labyrinths every day at the same time, right after the server reset. They all use the exact same layout and legend.

This image is our Legend. This is very important to understand in order to be capable of study out images. One of the most significant factor to know is how the exits operate. When getting into a space inside the Labyrinth, image the all-around map of that area is a circle. Most of the time you begin at the bottom/south of your circle. The majority of the exits are in the leading left or leading correctly on the room. This is indicated with the tiny blue circle at the top part of the space circle situated on the Lab map.

Here is really a short video explanation of how to study the images.

Engineering Eternity provides the ideal breakdown of what The Labyrinth is and all of the aspects of it.

You’ll want to check him and his incredible POE guides out! Twitch and Youtube We hugely suggest checking out some of his videos for anyone who is new to POE.

Lifting Nerd Bro does an excellent job explaining tips on how to farm The Labyrinth properly.




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