POE 3.4 Delve League For Azurite Cavity Guide


The delve is definitely the exploration of your delve league exclusive infinite Azurite Mine Dungeon. The character guides a Crawler (mine cart) powered by Voltaxic Sulphite through the mines to a checkpoint.

The mine can be explored going downwards (escalating the difficulty) and laterally.

Progress could be the mine is shared among all characters in a league; distinctive leagues will have distinctive layouts in the mine. When playing in parties the method is tied for the owner of your mine as well as other celebration members cannot continue when the owner leaves.

In every delve, you’ll navigate from a single checkpoint to one more undiscovered 1. At the end from the checkpoint, there will normally be an encounter of some type. As soon as the encounter is cleared, the Crawler will drop each of the things it picked up and any loot containers nearby are often opened. Every checkpoint drops distinctive rewards, indicated by its icon. Sometimes, every single grid may also have zone modifiers, growing the difficulty.

When loading into a delve checkpoint, the game will spawn an instance with all feasible locations in a 5×5 grid about it. When you take a path that goes outdoors the instance’s 5×5 grid or loads a path that demands to relocate the Crawler, a brand new instance is produced. When moving from a checkpoint exactly where the Crawler is to a nearby checkpoint, the Crawler will move there without having loaded a new instance. In case you die inside the instance, you might not have the ability to return to it.

When in a group, a portal to your instance will spawn when the leader creates a delve instance. If a celebration member dies inside the instance, a portal will spawn. To return to your present instance from the Mine Encampment, click the top left icon to teleport for the last checkpoint you used.

The mines contain many smaller containers of loot, often hidden away inside the darkness. These containers usually do not show its item name unless you are close enough to it and have a faint sparkle about it. They may be typically discovered inside paths where the Crawler passes by.
They will include items, fossils, resonators, flares, dynamites, or Azurite.

Fractured walls are usually identified hidden in dark locations. They may be marked around the minimap in case you are close sufficient and hovering more than it will show the wall’s health bar. These walls are often destroyed with a dynamite. Behind fractured walls are uncommon loot containers and in some cases, a hidden path to an inaccessible checkpoint.
There will constantly be at the least one fractured wall in grids that don’t include the check.

Some checkpoints have no paths top into it. This means it truly is hidden behind a fractured wall. As soon as the wall is destroyed, it is possible to send the Crawler to that checkpoint.
To discover the hidden wall a lot more quickly, note the path creation rule:
– A checkpoint will often have 1, three, or 4 paths top out of it.
– It’s not attainable to create greater than one particular path inside a cardinal path.
– It’s not feasible to overlap an existing path.
If a checkpoint has 2 paths, it can be particular there’s a hidden path near it. If you will find no checkpoints with 2 paths, check the checkpoints with three paths.

As you level up, Niko will dig a mineshaft that goes straight down from the Mine Encampment. The mineshaft is there to set a base floor for delves. The mineshaft instance is a straight path with nothing inside. The mineshaft will override any checkpoints it spawns more than.

The Azurite Mine consists of six widespread biomes, each with various monsters, encounters, and common fossil drops. Hardly ever, a city biome will spawn, which contains better loot and seldom, a specific boss, but are a lot more tricky and denser.
Present theory on weights:
The weight is scaled in between the reduced and upper entries based on current delve depth. See the table under for information mined values.

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