POE 3.4 Witch Firestorm Leech Tank Build


– Quite tanky: I am on 68/73 block possibility at the moment, and i really feel enough, but in the expense of some life, or harm, it is possible to attain the 75/75 cap quickly.
– 75%+ elemental and chaos resist.
– Around 50% physical damage reduction from armour. And 11% far more reduction from Arctic Armour. And Enfeeble.
– T15-16 clear time is fast enough.
– Low risk.
– Additional then 100% Fire penetration (Combustion – Fire Penetration – Flammability).
– 3 Curse, two Aura.
– 6k HP.

– You might be not immortal, but practically.
– Cannot do Reflected Elemental harm maps.
– Hexproof and Can’t regenerate Life.. maps are might be done, but painfully..
– Not as well low cost, but also not so pricey.
– 6k HP.

Mistress of Sacrifice – Commander of Darkness – Bone Sculptor – Invoker

Kraityn or points

Important: Brine King until you get Unwavering Stance, then Arakaali
Minor: Tukohama

Skill Hyperlinks:
Firestorm – Spell Echo – Elemental Focus – Combustion – Fire Penetration – Concentrated Effect / Spell Cascade / Controlled destruction

Blood Rage(1) – Desecrate(1) – CWDT(1) – Immortal Call(1)
Desecrate will auto make corpses for Bone Providing.
Blood rage will grant frenzy charges when mapping and also trigger the Soul of Arakaali 50% recovery bonus. It performs mainly because immortal contact stops the blood rage degen.
Note: don’t use blood rage until you update Soul of Arakaali with Arachnoxia.

CWDT(15) – Bone Supplying(17) – Elevated Duration(20) – Tempest Shield(17)
CWDT(20) – Bone Supplying(20) – Elevated Duration(20) – Tempest Shield(20)

Blasphemy – Flammability – Enfeeble
Clarity L1-L4
Arctic Armour ~L13

Shield charge – More rapidly Attacks – Fortify
Vaal Skeletons – Minion Speed Help – Minion Damage Support
And right here some strategies for additional damages:

Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/YqGMMHgM
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y7h639a7
Instance Link:https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2235980


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