The Latest POE 3.4 Witch Bella’s Dancing Starforge Occultist Build

Welcome for the guide to Dancing Duo Occultist. Start off using a little anecdote to explain how come to become so fascinated using the Dancing Duo exceptional and how created a creature which just put trivialized almost each of the content within the game.


This makes focuses on playing second fiddle for the swords, proficiently functioning as “just” a assistance featuring two damage curse auras (Vulnerability and Despair) and four standard auras (Hatred, Discipline, Haste and Envy) and occasionally buffing the swords having a Spirit Offering proccing the increased minion harm for those who have utilised a minion skill recently when necessary. Kitava’s Herald and Silverback Ape Spectres are going to be used to possess a frontline and produce frenzy charges for the swords. Finally, there’s also an aura bot Animated Guardian who will augment the swords harm just a little bit more. If you ever wanted to play an aura bot but didn’t desire to party up then this really is the development for you.

So just before Delve League started, brainstorming and came up having a Low Life Occultist for the following causes:
a) Chaotic Bloom would give constant speedy clearing of packs in maps and using the new minion harm nodes basically offering international damage I would end up having a Chaotic Bloom that dealt 148% from the monsters HP in harm, this would make speedy work of even higher HP rares.
b) The additional curse would present far further harm (or even defense) than the generic minion harm nodes that the Necromancer has.
c) Being low-life necessitates the Occultist ES nodes, they present me with 1300ES as well as the anti Power Shield recharge interruption is crucial.
d) The occultist has the most effective portrait along with the Witch holds two-handed swords in the cutest way.

Start out off with Profane Bloom to whilst leveling and after that grab Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion to prepare ES for Malediction and the dual blood magic blasphemy curse once blood magic reaches level 19.

Eradicate them all because the talent points are the most precious.

Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Shakari for the chained projectile avoidance (just about expected on any minion construct, and Tul, screw you and frost blades) and also the poison immunity


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