POE 3.4 Templar The Consecrated Storm Builds

This build uses a 3 button rotation: Consecrated Path up to the enemy, drop Orb of Storms, then “channel” Tempest Shield. The Fortify buff icon will help remind you of how long Instruments of Virtue’s buff lasts, as well as how soon the Orb itself will expire.


Since this build doesn’t use Resolute Technique, Consecrated Path can miss and thus not create the consecrated ground. In these situations, don’t panic – use a Sulphur flask to quickly regen mana, place the Orb of Storms and carry on.

Are you disappointed that Lightning Tendrils doesn’t entirely give the feeling of unlimited power? Do you wish Ball Lightning could hit a lot more frequently, and be made a LOT slower? Like completely still maybe? Do you miss the Reduced Mana Support and wish it had a worthwhile use? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider Orb of Storms for your next build.

+ Doesn’t call for any special uniques or passives; you can start off working with the development as early as level 16 (although mana fees are going to be rough).
+ Inexpensive to have started, but scales nicely with investment.
+ Flexible. This guide is for an Inquisitor, but the core mechanic can function having some Ascendancies (see under)
+ Orb of Storms auto-targets nearby enemies, saving you the trouble of aiming.
+ A reason to work with the Lowered Mana gem for the very first time due to the fact 2.0!

Tempest Shield includes a base mana expense of 17 so you will need to sacrifice at the least 1 gear slot to become capable of sustaining the price (e.g., Atziri’s Foible, Praxis/Elreon Jewelry, Clarity Watcher’s Eye).
– Though not technically channeling, you’ll find yourself standing a great deal nonetheless with the time.
– GGG could effortlessly nerf this either by altering Tempest Shield to an Immediate Cast (with cooldown) potential or providing Orb of Storms an internal cooldown.
– Consecrated Path will not be an ideal movement talent since it has to target enemies for you to teleport.
– As opposed to most other spells, casting Tempest Shield causes characters to briefly yell about half the time. You’ll hear this sound lots. I recommend lowering the sound effects volume slider.

It’s important to endeavor to usually be standing on the consecrated ground and to master the timing of speedily putting Orb of Storms just before “channeling.” Although receiving the hang of playing the make, it’s straightforward to accidentally begin Tempest Shielding with no obtaining truly placed an Orb of Storms. In my expertise, Temporal Chains maps are in particular problem in this regard.

Gems Hyperlink:
4-link: Orb of Storms – Added Lightning Harm – Controlled Destruction – Lightning Penetration
Orb of Storms rolls for vital strikes for each and every bolt so even with a mere 5% crit opportunity, Elemental Overload will be up to the majority of the time, and it’s not worth bothering to attempt to create for crit.
5-link: Innervate for basic mapping, Elemental Concentrate for bosses. Personally, I didn’t bother with this gem swap till I had a 6-link, as that 1 tends to make a substantially larger distinction for single target.
6-link: Chain for general mapping, /Culling Strike for bosses.

4-link: Tempest Shield (max lvl 3) – More quickly Casting – Arcane Surge (lvl to taste, I choose fairly low) – Decreased Mana. Don’t level up Tempest Shield that will needlessly boost the mana expense.
If at all possible, this 4-link need to be in gloves crafted with an Essence of Insanity for 16% Far more cast speed.

3-link: Consecrated Path – Faster Attacks – Fortify. Use this frequently to proc Instruments of Virtue’s +30% cast speed. Note that it only lasts four seconds and doesn’t possess a buff icon, but Fortify lasts five seconds.

4-link: Lightning Golem – Minion Life – Blind – Herald of Thunder.
Clarity is useful with mana expenses early on and can be worth maintaining if going using a Mind Over Matter variant, or if applying a Watcher’s Eye that reduces mana fees.

Applying Wrath and Discipline – Blood Magic for low life version from the make.




Pob Hyperlink:https://pastebin.com/UgXkMPez
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/ybljrau5
Instance Link:https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2234749

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